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A 25-year-old Indian man looks like a child from a horror movie

Ravi Kumar stands at just 70 cm tall and weighs a mere 7 kg, despite being 25 years old. He looks like a frightening infant from a low-budget horror film.

All this happened to poor Ravi due to an inexplicable malfunction in his thyroid gland, which either occurred at birth or in the first years of his life.

His parents, who live in India, explain that their son grew very slowly, and completely stopped growing at around 5 years old. After that, they visited many doctors.

They were told that it was related to his thyroid function and that treatment was possible, but… it was too expensive and Ravi’s family simply couldn’t afford it.

Since then, Ravi has remained in the body of a small child. By the age of 25, his face has only slightly roughened, but his hands and feet still look as soft and chubby as a toddler’s.

Ravi’s parents have other children, but they are all perfectly normal, and none of their other relatives have the same anomaly.

Ravi’s legs are weak, and it’s difficult for him to walk for long periods, so his mother carries him everywhere, just like she did 25 years ago.

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