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TOP-10 Most Terrifying Alien Abductions

Stories of alien abductions have been circulating for quite some time, ranging from mildly peculiar to downright chilling. On the internet, there are dedicated forums for those who believe in these encounters to share their “close encounters.” While many of these stories may be products of imagination and pure fiction, the narratives listed below are thoroughly documented.

  1. The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill

    The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill was the first reported alien abduction that made headlines. It occurred in 1961. On the night of September 19, the Hill couple was returning from vacation to New Hampshire. During their journey, they noticed a bright light in the night sky. Barney stopped the car to get a better look through binoculars, revealing a UFO flying directly towards them. Frightened, they rushed back into the car, attempting to escape the light.

    As they drove, they realized the lights were pursuing them. Instead of accelerating, Barney decided to pull over. Armed not only with binoculars but also with a pistol, he saw strange beings approaching them. Suddenly, he heard a strange sound and realized he couldn’t control his body, experiencing a tingling sensation throughout. Thirty-five minutes later, the Hills realized something odd had occurred, although they couldn’t recall specifics. Barney’s shoes were scratched, and both of their watches were broken. Barney vaguely remembered encountering humanoid beings who reassured him telepathically. The couple was taken aboard a ship and subjected to experiments, feeling like laboratory rats.

  2. Whitley Strieber

    During the Christmas holidays in 1985, Whitley Strieber, a future horror novelist, lived with his family in a small house in northern New York. In the middle of the night, he heard strange noises and decided to investigate. In his bedroom, he encountered strange entities. Upon seeing them, he suddenly found himself sitting on the street, not far from his house.

    Disturbed by the experience and unable to recall anything, he sought the help of a hypnotist. After several sessions, he finally remembered what happened. That night, he literally flew out of the room and found himself on a ship hovering above the forest. He recalled seeing various creatures, some resembling robots, while others were very thin with dark eyes. He also remembered undergoing tests. Despite the majority believing these were hallucinations, Strieber insisted that it all happened for real.

  3. The Abduction of the Long-Haul Trucker’s Wife

    In Michigan, in the year 2012, a long-haul trucker named Scott Murray received a distressing call from his wife. She claimed to have been beaten and possibly assaulted. Murray rushed home and took his wife to the hospital. After a medical examination, doctors found no signs of assault but identified a burn on her shoulder. Murray concluded that his wife must have had a nightmare. However, the next day, he discovered strange burnt patches in the yard.

    About ten meters from these spots, he noticed a tree with burnt leaves. It dawned on Murray that something unusual had indeed happened the night before. To unravel the mystery, he took his wife to a regression hypnosis specialist. Under hypnosis, she recalled details of the abduction, the ship, and the experiments conducted on her. Learning the truth, Murray’s wife developed a profound fear and became paranoid. On one occasion, upon returning from a trip, Murray discovered that his wife had died. Desperate for answers, he collected samples of the burnt grass and took them to a local college laboratory, where radiation was identified as the cause. To this day, Scott Murray remains unaware of the truth behind his wife’s death.

  4. The Abduction of Antonio Vilas-Boas

    In 1957, 21-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas-Boas was working late in the fields when he noticed a red light in the night sky. The light began moving towards him, gradually increasing in size. Eventually, he saw a UFO of oval shape, with a rotating upper section. When the UFO landed directly in the field, Vilas-Boas tried to escape on his tractor, but it wouldn’t start. One of the beings, dressed in a spacesuit and helmet, grabbed him. Three others appeared to assist in carrying Vilas-Boas onto the ship. They also wore suits and had frightening blue eyes.

    Once aboard, they undressed him and covered his body with a gel-like substance before taking blood samples. When finally released, Vilas-Boas attempted to take a piece of the ship as evidence but failed. He later became a lawyer, maintaining the truth of his story.

  5. The Baffledge Abduction

    In 1969, at the Baffledge summer camp in Vermont, two camp employees named Michael and Janet witnessed bright lights in the sky during sunset. Three smaller lights separated from the main one and flew over the lake, with one plunging into the water. After a few minutes, all lights ascended and headed toward the observers. When the lights approached, Michael screamed, only to realize they had disappeared, and he and Janet were still on the bench.

    For years, Michael was obsessed with understanding what happened. Finally, he underwent hypnosis, revealing memories of being on a ship. He described beings with large eyes and three-fingered hands with webbing. After recalling his experience, Michael learned that Janet had a similar story.

  6. The Allagash River Abduction

    In 1976, in the state of Maine, artists Jack and Jim Weiner were on a night fishing trip with a couple of friends. Suddenly, they noticed several bright lights in the sky. One of these lights started moving towards the canoe carrying the fishermen. Frightened, the men began paddling quickly towards the shore. However, before they could reach the shore, a beam of light engulfed the canoe.

    The men inside it regained consciousness later, finding themselves sitting on the shore near a nearly extinguished campfire. When the four men returned home, they all started experiencing nightmares about extraterrestrials. Subsequently, all four decided to undergo hypnosis to recall the events of that night. They remembered experiments conducted on them and how samples of various bodily fluids were taken. Despite undergoing separate hypnosis sessions, the memories of all four completely matched. As artists, they were able to draw the room they were in, the aliens, and their instruments.

    7. The Abduction of Sergeant Charles L. Moody

    In 1975, in the Alamogordo desert in New Mexico, Sergeant Charles L. Moody observed a meteor shower. Suddenly, he saw a spherical object hovering a few hundred meters above the ground. The object started moving towards him, and Moody ran to his car. However, once inside, he couldn’t start it. When he tried to look at the object again, he saw humanoid beings looking through the car window. A loud, piercing sound followed, and Moody realized his body was paralyzed.

    At some point, Moody managed to start the car and drove home. Upon arrival, he was surprised to find that it was already three in the morning, meaning he had “lost” an hour and a half of time. A few days after the incident, Moody developed a strange rash on his body, and a sharp pain in his back. Using self-hypnosis, Moody filled in the time gap in his memories. He remembered that while paralyzed, a tall pair of beings approached him. He tried to resist, but lost consciousness. He woke up on the ship, lying on a table. One of the beings communicated with him telepathically, asking if he wanted to learn more about the ship. Moody agreed, and the beings gave him a brief tour before informing him that they would return only after twenty years.

    8. The Manhattan Abduction

    In 1989, Linda Napolitano, a resident of New York, was abducted from her own apartment, with numerous witnesses to the abduction. The incident occurred on November 30, at three in the morning. Napolitano was kidnapped, but she remained unaware of what happened after the abduction for a long time. However, with the help of hypnosis, she managed to recover her memory. She recalled that three gray aliens literally forced her to fly through the window of her bedroom, and she found herself on their ship. Two UN security guards, witnessing the abduction, identified as Javier Perez de Cuellar, and a man named Gent Kimball, also observed the event. It is one of the rare cases of abduction with multiple witnesses. Nevertheless, this serious incident has not been thoroughly investigated.

    9. Herbert Hopkins

    In 1976, Herbert Hopkins, a doctor and hypnotist, became involved in the investigation of an alleged alien abduction case in Maine. One evening, he received a call from someone claiming to be from the “Ufological Research Organization of New Jersey” who said they had important information to share. They agreed to meet at Hopkins’s house, and the man arrived just a few minutes after the phone call.

    The man was dressed in a black suit and hat of the same color. Upon closer inspection, Hopkins noticed that his skin was almost translucent, and he had a pale lipstick on his lips. As they discussed the case, something very unsettling happened during the conversation. The mysterious stranger showed him a coin that immediately dissolved in the air and said, “Neither you nor anyone else on this planet will ever see it again.”

    Afterward, he asked Hopkins to get rid of all documents related to the case and to stop the investigation. Some time later, the hypnotist learned that there was no “Ufological Research Organization” in New Jersey.

    10. Peter Hore’s Abduction

    In February 1988, Australian resident Peter Hore and his wife Vivian began noticing strange occurrences: bright lights appearing in the sky above their house from time to time.

    This continued until mid-summer. One evening, lying in bed, Peter felt a sharp pain in his shin, as if someone had struck him. He tried to move but couldn’t. Four figures in hoods were standing at his feet. Through telepathy, they told him that everything would happen quickly, and then inserted a long needle into the base of his skull. The man lost consciousness.

    Hore’s next encounter with the unusual beings took place in 1992. One night, he woke up and saw two naked extraterrestrial females sitting on the edge of his bed near his legs. What struck him was their enormous shining eyes. The light-haired girl took Peter’s head in her hands and pressed his face against her chest. He tried to break free from her strong grip but couldn’t. After a few minutes, the extraterrestrials disappeared. When Peter examined himself, he found two strips of white hair on his genitals. He put them in a polyethylene bag and sent them for analysis. Experts later informed him that the hair belonged to a human, and based on some DNA markers, a person of Mongoloid race. There is still no clarity in this case.

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