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The Visit of the Flying Green Triangle

This story was recounted by Galina Kamorskaya, a middle-aged woman from Almaty. Her tale is particularly intriguing because Kamorskaya encountered an unidentified flying object within the walls of her own apartment.

“It happened around February or March of 1990,” she recalls. “I went to bed late one evening. I turned off the light in the room, tucked myself under the covers, and had just started to doze off when something made me open my eyes. It felt like a gentle tap of an invisible hand on my forehead. At that moment, I was lying on my side with my back to the wall.

“I opened my eyes,” Galina continues, “and at first, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I looked, and against the backdrop of the wardrobe standing in the room on the opposite wall, there was a green triangle hanging in the air, seemingly woven from thick, semi-transparent spiderwebs.”

Galina blinked three times, thinking she was imagining things. Then she rubbed her eyelids with her fingers. But the strange vision didn’t disappear.

The triangle remained motionless in the air opposite the head of her bed. Its top corner was aimed straight at the ceiling. The sides of the green triangle that met at this corner were curved inward, resembling arcs. And the bottom side, facing the floor, was curved outwards, hanging down like a belly.

The object floating against the wardrobe consisted of several segments — differently sized triangles nested within each other like matryoshka dolls. The figure didn’t seem three-dimensional but rather drawn, according to Galina, on some invisible plane. It emitted a faint glow.

“I had the impression,” says Kamorskaya, “that the triangle was drawn using computer graphics; all its green lines were ‘printed’ perfectly. It was about the size of my palm.”

Suddenly, to Galina’s horror, the triangle moved. It slowly ascended straight up, and she immediately felt a force pulling her away from the bed. Completely immobilized, paralyzed by this unknown force, Kamorskaya realized she was hovering above the bed in the next second. She found herself suspended, directly facing the triangle.

“I was so scared that I almost lost consciousness from fear,” recalls Kamorskaya.

And the triangle — again, moving straight up — slowly descended and froze in the air in its previous position. Simultaneously, Galina’s immobilized body glided back onto the bed at the same speed as the triangle.

And then the glowing object began to rise again. Following it, Galina continued to hover, trembling with fear. For some time, the triangle and Galina hung in the air facing each other under the ceiling. Then, in a synchronized pirouette, both began to descend, so to speak: Galina onto the bed, and the triangle to its original position.

The woman’s arms and legs remained as if in a spasm. However, her tongue, which had been paralyzed just a second earlier, suddenly regained its mobility.

Galina opened her mouth and, with a trembling and angry voice, said, “What kind of nonsense is this?! Where did you come from, you triangular rascal? Get out of here right now. Stop fooling around, do you hear me?”

Extending her palm forward in a shooing gesture, she pushed the triangle out of the room. And she flinched, amazed that she had managed to make that gesture. Just moments ago, her arms and legs had been immobile, as if tightly bound by invisible ropes.

The triangle disappeared in the same instant, melting into the air.

Could it be that Galina encountered a device used by extraterrestrials to abduct people from their apartments? Or was it an entirely different phenomenon?

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