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The new research suggests that our planet and its inhabitants are not of particular interest to extraterrestrial intelligence

A recent study by scientists from the SETI Institute, a non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, indicates that extraterrestrial civilizations are likely waiting for a specific moment to send signals to Earth. According to the study, this moment occurs when a distant inhabited planet passes in front of its star, becoming visible from Earth.

This information was reported by Space.

Sophie Sheikh from the SETI Institute explains that when exoplanets potentially hosting intelligent life pass directly in front of their stars as seen from Earth, it provides an ideal opportunity to transmit messages to humans.

Scientists believe that planetary transits across stars are repetitive and predictable events. If extraterrestrial beings share this perspective, they may choose to send their messages into space precisely during these transits. This increases the chances that representatives of other civilizations, including Earth, might receive these messages. Therefore, humans should expect to receive extraterrestrial signals when one of the potentially inhabited planets becomes visible against the backdrop of its star from Earth, according to the researchers.

“In that case, we can precisely know when and where to look for extraterrestrial signals in space,” said Sheikh.

However, scientists acknowledge that this method of searching for extraterrestrial civilizations might limit the scope of potential signals in space. Nevertheless, they will continue their research, observing other distant planets, hoping that their theory is correct and that extraterrestrial beings will indeed establish contact.

Earlier, it was revealed that the United States possesses materials indicating the ability of unidentified flying objects to perform maneuvers beyond the capabilities of currently known technologies. The U.S. National Intelligence Director’s office stated that the Pentagon is currently investigating 510 cases of UFO sightings, significantly more than the 144 incidents mentioned in the 2021 report.

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