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The missing police officer was found in a state of shock and later claimed that he was abducted by aliens

He sat curled up in the fetal position, experiencing severe shock from unclear emotional disturbances. There were no visible wounds on his body, and only later did he recount what had happened to him when he regained consciousness.

This horrifying story took place in Argentina, near the city of General Pico, in March 2006 with 28-year-old police corporal Luis Sergio Puchetta.

It was a typical Thursday evening when Puchetta, conducting routine patrols in rural areas, called his station urgently requesting backup.

He managed to disclose his current location before disconnecting. However, when other officers arrived at the designated spot by the road, they found Puchetta’s abandoned motorcycle, his helmet, radio, service weapon, and even some parts of his uniform, but Puchetta himself was nowhere to be found.

Emergency searches were organized with police from neighboring districts, and after 18 hours, Puchetta was found approximately 20 km from where his motorcycle was left. He was accidentally discovered by a local farmer passing by a ditch in a field. Puchetta was sitting in the ditch, curled up, and unresponsive to the farmer’s words.

Online, there are photos showing the abandoned police officer’s belongings, the fields where he was found, and the exact location where Puchetta was discovered. In the pictures, another officer named Kike Mario can be seen comforting and questioning Puchetta.

“I was talking to him, trying to get a reaction from him. I told him that the Chief of the Second Regional Directorate was standing next to him and that he should help him. Then I suggested he relax with a simple breathing exercise, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Gradually, Puchetta began to relax, and I was able to examine his hands, finding no deviations. The same thing happened with his head, although I couldn’t see his face. He said his eyes were burning, and he kept covering his face.

When he stretched his lower limbs, he began to speak abruptly, saying, ‘They watched me all night.’ When asked ‘who?’, he replied, ‘there were two of them… they had red eyes…’ He began to recount, ‘They seemed transparent… and they had red eyes… with eyes that gave me a headache… They told me what to do… they called me on the phone… they said they would come looking for me tonight…,'” Kike Mario recounts.

Puchetta was taken to the Centeno hospital, where, besides severe emotional shock, there were no signs of physical violence.

Gradually, Puchetta recovered, and soon a sensational article appeared in the local newspaper, where he told an extremely unusual story. He said that he had been contacted by two humanoid creatures of short stature with red eyes, who gave him orders using telepathy. After that, he called the station.

But what happened next, he remembered with great difficulty. He said he tried to escape from these beings, and then suddenly found himself in a ditch 20 km from the previous location. And he was terribly frightened.

Police tried to investigate Puchetta’s case and quickly found his tracks leading from the motorcycle. But approximately four km later, the traces disappeared. It remained unclear whether Puchetta dissolved into thin air or suddenly turned into the nearest grassy field, causing the traces to vanish.

It was known that Puchetta had always behaved impeccably before and had no mental problems. It was also revealed that several days before his disappearance, he reported observing strange lights in the sky in the same area.

In the end, Puchetta concluded that the aliens he saw abducted him, and while in captivity, he experienced a terrible traumatizing experience that affected his psyche, but one he couldn’t remember. However, he remembered something:

“I felt as if I were inside my mother’s womb, and then began to recall things from my childhood. It was as if it was my life in slow motion, I don’t know how long it lasted.”

Then he had a feeling of waking up from a dream, and that’s when he noticed the presence of a large black block nearby, approximately 3 by 3 meters in height. “I was very scared,” says Puchetta, noting that “the block was levitating,” and when he tried to approach it, it disappeared.

“A light lit up above me, and I felt like I was lying on something hot, which made my feet hurt. A voice told me to calm down and said that I was going to meet my daughter… and then they showed me my daughter, who hadn’t been born yet.”

During the investigation, many oddities were discovered. One was that during the entire 18 hours while he was missing, Puchetta neither ate nor drank, as revealed in the hospital. Yet his body showed no signs of dehydration. Another oddity was the rain. When Puchetta was found, his clothes were completely dry and not even dirty, but there had been heavy rain in the area two hours earlier.

What happened to Puchetta afterward is not well-documented. It is only known that he was so severely traumatized that he never fully recovered and couldn’t continue working in the police force. In 2013, he decided to retire.

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