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The engineer told about the prison for aliens

Former US Air Force engineer Raymond Szymanski, who retired after 39 years of service, has written a book titled “50 Shades of Grey,” in which he tells about a secret prison for aliens allegedly located in underground tunnels at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. This was reported by the British publication The Sun.

According to Szymanski, he learned the secret during his first week of service from his mentor, whom he refers to as “Al.” Allegedly, Al told him that after the crash of a flying saucer in New Mexico, known as the Roswell Incident, the craft and its occupants were brought to this base.

Over the following decades, Szymanski repeatedly participated in conversations confirming Al’s words.

“And nobody ever said, ‘You’re crazy, we don’t have any aliens!’ Many smirked, but no one denied it,” the book’s author emphasized.

Szymanski added that personally, he never saw any underground facilities or aliens, but he encountered characters on the base resembling the ones from the movie “Men in Black,” dressed in dark suits and hats even on hot summer days. In his opinion, these were government agents involved in covering up evidence.

In ufology, “Greys” (sometimes spelled “Grays”) refer to one of the alien races. They are described as humanoid beings without obvious sexual characteristics, with smooth gray skin, disproportionately large heads, and large black eyes. Information about their nature and origin varies.

The Roswell Incident refers to the explosion of a flying object in the sky above the city of Roswell, New Mexico, in June 1947. According to the official version, it was a weather balloon, but conspiracy theorists believe it was a UFO crash.

In 1995, a video clip titled “Alien Autopsy” was released, allegedly filmed at a secret base. Experts found that the recording was made on 1960s equipment, and pathologists found many inconsistencies in the actions of the people in the footage. However, the producer, Ray Santilli, who released it, claims it’s not a hoax but a reproduction of the original tape lost due to heat and moisture.


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