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The aircraft designer suggests that triangular UFOs are intelligent machines from a parallel universe

Since the early days of the modern era, in the post-World War II 1940s, the term “flying saucer” dominated the description of flying objects believed to be controlled by extraterrestrials, according to eyewitness accounts. In the 1960s, amid the Cold War and the Vietnam War, the flying saucer was replaced by a new form – the flying triangle. This coincided with the growing popularity of delta-winged aircraft, which became increasingly triangular with the advancement of stealth technology and cutting-edge aerodynamics. Today, there are often speculations that observed triangular UFOs are actually delta-winged aircraft or some highly classified prototypes of the next generation.

However, one person who disagrees with such assumptions is an aircraft designer, writer, and witness to numerous UFO sightings, including triangular ones. He is convinced that these flying objects come from another dimension. Could he be right? What evidence does he have?

“In 1999, my family and I were fortunate enough to have a very close encounter with a triangular craft not from our world. Since then, I have met so many people who have also encountered triangular craft that it seemed logical to write a book not only about my own experience but also to include observations from other witnesses.”

Colin Saunders is the author of the book “Triangular UFOs in the UK,” which compiles over 130 witness accounts of triangular UFO sightings in the United Kingdom, including his own. Saunders’ book is not just a list but also an analysis of details associated with many observations, especially potential encounters with aliens, missing time incidents, and encounters with Men in Black. Naturally, the book includes a deep analysis of his own UFO observations, his biography, and why he believes there is a close connection between UFOs and paranormal phenomena.

“We had lunch and had just turned onto the Foss Way near Hinckley to head home when, about half a mile ahead of us, we saw lights hanging above the road. As we passed underneath, the object started pulsating – like a spaceship from ‘Star Trek’ when it goes into warp drive. Then it shot up. It was the size of a house and very low, right on the side of the road. We were no more than 100 feet away, but there was no sound at all.”

Sanders recounted this encounter with a triangular UFO in 1999. He was in the car with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law, who also witnessed the flying triangular UFO the size of a house. In his book, Sanders explains that his background and experience are related to drafting – he was an electrical draftsman, technical design draftsman, and avionics designer for civilian aircraft. This experience proved valuable in analyzing his encounter with the triangular UFO and the other 130 cases described in the book.

Despite the relatively recent surge in sightings of cylindrical UFOs like the “Tic-Tac” observed by military pilots, the most commonly reported UFO shape is the triangle or black triangle. These objects are usually dark in color and visible at night, so visual descriptions are not very detailed. Solid or pulsating lights help identify the shape, showing that most triangular UFOs move slowly, sometimes appearing to hover motionless.

As for sound, most witnesses report them to be silent. Well-known cases of triangular sightings occurred over the Hudson Valley in New York in the 1980s, in Belgium in the late 1980s, and the so-called “Phoenix Lights” in 1997 over Arizona. Common explanations for triangular UFOs range from aircraft to dirigibles, missiles, parachutists, and various luminescent gases. However, since many of them appeared near Air Force bases, they are often attributed to secret aircraft prototypes, with the Northrop TR-3A Black Manta being a widely speculated example.

Sanders is one of those who doubt that the TR-3A is the explanation for triangular UFOs. In an interview with The Daily Star, he said that, in his opinion, the triangular UFO he saw possessed advanced invisibility capabilities far exceeding current stealth technologies. His subsequent UFO observations only strengthened this belief. However, it was his interviews with other witnesses and his aircraft design experience that convinced him that these mysterious triangles are not secret military aircraft.

“As soon as it materialized, we could all tell it wasn’t from this planet.”

If these are not man-made aircraft, then who designed, built, and flies them? Sanders has an unexpected answer.

“Everything points to UFOs coming from a parallel world, existing alongside ours. I don’t believe they’ve traveled thousands of light-years to get here. That’s technically unfeasible. It’s much more likely to assume they are from our planet but from another universe.”

Visitors from a parallel universe fly on invisible triangular ships the size of houses. If Sanders hadn’t studied so many other reports, it would be hard to believe. Sanders doesn’t know what beings are inside the triangles, but he believes that the shape of the UFO can determine the extraterrestrials inside.

“I think triangles, saucers, cigars, and tic-tacs – it’s all the same or similar phenomena. Whether different types fly on different ships, I don’t know, but small gray humanoids feature in many observations of different types of ships.”

He says that the multiple forms strengthen the argument that these are not man-made aircraft. Because it doesn’t make sense to build and test so many different designs – it would be too expensive. Also, test pilots of top-secret military aircraft would not fly loudly over residential neighborhoods – they would conduct tests in remote areas like Area 51. These arguments make sense.

Sanders also criticizes the governments of the UK and other countries for withholding information about these visitors from another universe. But perhaps the authorities are trying to protect us, as he notes, “The fact that the extraterrestrials themselves don’t make themselves known tells us that whatever they’re doing wouldn’t be good for us.” However, Sanders believes that we have gained some benefit from their technologies. He is confident that some modern military aircraft, such as the stealth bomber B2 Spirit, may have been developed using reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technologies.

Finally, Sanders believes that these triangular UFOs probably have artificial intelligence – in his opinion, the triangle he saw “looked alive.” Although large craft likely have a crew of interdimensional beings, small UFOs could be autonomous or remotely controlled.

Are triangular UFOs ships from another dimension, secret aircraft made by humans, or something else? The shape and number of observed “aircraft” suggest secret military developments. But invisibility, silence, and efficiency suggest something different.

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