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Scientists have proposed a theory on how extraterrestrials might communicate with each other

The fact that humanity has not yet established contact with extraterrestrial intelligence does not necessarily mean that it does not exist. Perhaps extraterrestrial civilizations are much farther away in space, and we are currently unable to detect them.

Scientists have proposed a new theory suggesting that aliens may communicate in interstellar space using quantum entanglement. This is reported by ScienceAlert.

The new research predicts that light particles or photons, which could be used as quantum particles in a quantum communication system, could overcome distances of hundreds of thousands of light-years, surpassing the size of our galaxy.

According to scientists, potential representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations may send large amounts of information over great distances. And perhaps extraterrestrials are also attempting to communicate with us. However, decoding a quantum signal from space may require a fully functional quantum computer.

Although quantum entanglement does not yet solve another problem — the issue of distance. Information cannot travel through space faster than the speed of light, so the greater the distance, the longer the signal will take. According to scientists, the theoretical possibility of receiving a quantum signal from potential extraterrestrials still exists.

It is worth noting that the Pentagon has previously announced the creation of a new group to investigate reports of UFO presence.




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