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Norwegians are searching for a UFO that crashed into a local lake 77 years ago and have already detected a large anomaly at the bottom

In 1947, the head of the Norwegian village of Røros was standing near his house and accidentally witnessed the fall from the sky of a strange object.

“It looked like a rocket and made a lot of noise. The object turned 180 degrees and crashed into the lake behind his house,” says Rye Restad.

Restad, who works as a professional photographer, assembled a team of researchers, raised funds, and they began to survey Djupsjoen Lake.

Along the way, they are making a documentary about their search, attracting attention from both UFO enthusiasts and local ufologists, like Arnulf Leken, a member of the Norwegian UFO Center.

“It’s really exciting. This is one of the largest UFO search operations in Norway’s history,” Leken says excitedly.

It is noted that attempts to find the crashed UFO in this lake were made before, but on a much smaller scale and with less expenditure, perhaps explaining why nothing was found. However, Restad’s team managed to scan the lake’s bottom with a hydrolocator and discovered a suspicious anomaly there.

“We found an object right under this hole (the hole made by researchers). Its length is fourteen meters, and its width is three meters,” Restad explains.

Divers have already descended into the hole and are currently trying to physically locate this object on the bottom, but so far, unfortunately, they have found nothing. Meanwhile, observers are sharing their versions of what may have crashed into the lake 77 years ago:

“I think it’s something already known, not something unknown from space. It’s something earthly, but who knows…” muses Arnulf Leken.

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