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It turns out that UFOs are much bigger on the inside than on the outside

New information has emerged about UFOs, linked to informant David Grash, a former US intelligence officer.

It is reported that Grash recently had a secret meeting in New York with representatives from the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and others, totaling about 60 people. They gathered at a private mansion in Manhattan where photography and video recording were strictly prohibited.

However, somehow one of the attendees managed to take a few photos of Grash at the event, which were the only images leaked from there. The photos and some information about the meeting were anonymously posted on Reddit.

According to the anonymous source, at the meeting, Grash revealed that one of his sources told him about an unusual object in the hands of American authorities, obtained during a program to search for crashed UFOs. Externally, this object is only about 12 meters long, but when people entered inside it, it turned out to be the size of a football field.

So, it’s not just about some kind of transportation, but possibly the use of entirely different physical and spatial properties.

It is reported that at the event, people asked Grash various questions, including what aliens look like and where they come from. Grash reportedly told them that they could indeed look like typical “Greys” and that they may have come from another dimension.

It is also reported that the purpose of this event was to gather a group of both skeptics and “believers in UFOs” from different layers of society, and David Grash spoke with them, after which “the majority left believing what he said.”

The anonymous source mentioned that Grash also talked about how when he was in intelligence, he and others were trained to track UFOs in the atmosphere and that this could be done because they emit a unique frequency or signature.

“Apparently, this was the only private non-governmental conversation he has had so far,” the same anonymous source wrote in their post on Reddit.

“As for how I feel about everything after hearing his presentation, I’ll say he’s extremely smart. I mean, he has an almost unbelievable memory and has internal knowledge of things related to UAPs. My opinion is that he’s telling the truth. Almost everyone left that night fully believing what he said.”

Unfortunately, this anonymous post, as reported by the media, was soon removed from Reddit for unknown reasons and is now completely inaccessible. Perhaps due to the leakage of prohibited photos or for other reasons.

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