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In recent years, UFO sightings have become suspiciously frequent above nuclear power plants in India

It is reported that in August 2023 alone, UFOs were seen more than 10 times over the nuclear power plant in the city of Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu state.

These incidents were investigated by local police, and one officer named Syed Abdul Kader even managed to capture strange glowing objects above the nuclear power plant on video twice. Below is a screenshot from his video.

He is 100% certain that what he saw cannot be explained by “human technology,” partly because the UFOs made fast and sharp zigzag movements.

“They would freeze in place, becoming completely motionless; they made zigzag movements, and the speed at which they disappeared… they were all different.”

Kader has been observing UFOs above the Kudankulam nuclear power plant since 2020, and other witnesses saw UFOs in August and July 2023 in the city of Kalpakkam, in the area where the Madras Atomic Power Station is located.

The Indian ufologist Sabir Hussain believes that UFOs flying near nuclear facilities are a global phenomenon and that countries like the United States have already begun to take this phenomenon seriously.

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is one of India’s largest nuclear power plants and was built by the Russian company “Atomstroyexport,” a subsidiary of Rosatom.



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