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In Colombia, the mummy of a tiny human, possibly an unborn child, with strange congenital anomalies, has been discovered

Journalist Josep Giharro reported about the mummy, stating that it was found in a place with a characteristic name “Hill of the Dwarfs” (el cerro de los enanos) in a remote Colombian area. How did this hill get such a name?

Usually, this happens when locals believe that magical little people live in the hill or mountain – in Ireland and Britain, for example, every county is full of Fairy Hills or Fairy Forts.

The freshly discovered mummy from Colombia But here, it turns out, a real little person, or rather its mummy, has been found.

And although skeptics believe it is more likely just a miscarriage with congenital defects, many believe it is the remains of a small extraterrestrial humanoid, belonging to the same race as the tiny mummy from the Atacama Desert.

Atacama “alien” mummy The Colombian mummy has only 10 pairs of ribs instead of the normal 12 pairs for a human, and the head is heavily deformed, as if someone tried to elongate the skull. Interestingly, the head somewhat resembles the head of our Russian “alien” Alyoshenka.

Alyoshenka Mummy On the mummified fetus from Colombia, even remnants of the umbilical cord are visible, so these remains appear to be authentic. But to whom do they belong?

And is this a natural mummy or has someone deliberately preserved the grotesque remains of a child? There are no answers.

Also, Giharro doesn’t have the actual mummy; an unspecified source sent him only these photographs. The thing is, Giharro hosted a show called “Mysteries and Secrets” on Colombian TV for over ten years, and he is the country’s foremost expert on paranormal matters.

Now Giharro works as a ufologist.

Giharro himself doesn’t seem to fully believe that these remains belong to an alien, but he doesn’t deny it either, only cautiously saying: “I cannot know for sure because I don’t have verifiable data.”


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