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“I spent 92 days on an alien spaceship, while only 18 minutes passed on Earth.”

In 2007, an American named Alex Collier claimed that he was taken by aliens and spent nearly three months aboard a huge mothership belonging to extraterrestrial beings, during which only 18 minutes passed on Earth.

Collier was a former military pilot in the US Army and possibly one of the first American military personnel to openly speak about their UFO and/or alien encounter observations.

According to Collier, this happened in 1989 when he was in an unnamed location in a cornfield. He got tired and fell asleep right in the field, and when he woke up, he found himself on board an alien spaceship. He was lying on a table.

“While I was lying on this table… there was a very tall ‘man’ nearby, over 2 meters tall, with light-blue skin, and he was physically perfect. All I can tell you is that I instantly knew who these people were, and that I wasn’t afraid of anything; on the contrary, I instantly loved them.”

He lived there for almost three months and says that on this ship were the so-called Andromedans, residents of the Andromeda galaxy. This galaxy is located 740-830 kiloparsecs away from our Milky Way galaxy.

“During these three months, I had the opportunity to learn about their society and observe them, and I was also somewhat like a fish in an aquarium, because many of them were observing me and listening to my thoughts. At that time, they were teaching their children about our world,” Collier explains.

According to Collier, the Andromedan ship was indeed enormous, approximately 800 miles in diameter. At the same time, it “intersected in various dimensions.” Collier struggled to explain what that meant:

“The physical ship outside stretched for 800 miles, and it was related to the physical laws of the dimension in which it was located. Inside, however, different physical laws were in effect… the moment you crossed its threshold, you found yourself in another dimension, and your physical shell underwent changes.

They gave me a belt that I had to wear, which held my atoms, molecules, and cells together – it literally formed a cocoon around me, but I could touch them, and they could touch me.

Physically, you felt lighter than them, taller than them, and you had more energy. One of their days was equivalent to 31 days in our world. So, they thought I was unhealthy because I regularly had to sleep.”

During his time on the ship, Collier mostly communicated with two aliens, whose skin was blue. They were called Vissae and Moraney, and they told Collier that the Universe was created 21 billion years ago and there are about 135 billion humanoid beings living in it.

“The reason they took me on a visit was that genetically my family is similar to theirs. They told me that 62 thousand years ago I was here as part of an expedition. I then tried to settle a dispute between two other races and was killed, after which I was reincarnated on Earth.”

Collier says that the Andromedans live unusually long lives and that Vissae was 43,000 years old, while Moraney was about 1700 years old.

At some point, they put a small metal object on his head, after which various scenes from his past lives began to appear on the monitors on the walls of the ship.

“If this is the true nature of our universe and how it works, then we must realize that for us, it is something greater, as we are also connected to this process, on most levels, if not all,” says Collier.

Collier detailed this incident at a conference in Japan in 2007. This video is still available on the Internet, but it is actually Collier’s last public appearance. It is reported that he still occasionally travels and speaks at various conferences, but there is no media coverage of this.

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