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Chilean Senator Claims to Have Been Abducted by Aliens

Senator Karim Bianchi from Chile recently told journalists the story of how, in 2012, he apparently became a victim of alien abduction.

That evening, Bianchi was driving his car on the highway towards the city of Punta Arenas. He was talking to a friend on the phone when he noticed something round and brightly colored in the dark sky.

He pulled over to the side of the road, and then something happened that he doesn’t remember, but “less than a minute later,” according to his perception, he suddenly found himself in another location, approximately 180 km from where he pulled over.

Bianchi says he was deeply shaken by what happened and drove the rest of the way as fast as he could because he was afraid that something else would happen to him.

Fortunately, he arrived safely in the city that night. But the story didn’t end there. A few days later, a bald man unknown to him entered his office and suddenly claimed to be an alien.

According to his secretary, this strange man was very insistent and really wanted to meet Bianchi. He handed him photocopies of some UFO magazine and said that Bianchi must tell people about the existence of aliens.

Although Bianchi said that the materials handed to him “contained nothing extraordinary,” it made him worryingly ponder how this man could know about what happened to him, as he hadn’t told anyone about his incident on the road yet.

And then Bianchi started to frequently see owls in his surroundings in a strange way. UFOlogists have previously noted that many people who believe they have been abducted by aliens tell stories of unusually frequent sightings of owls.

There’s even a theory suggesting that for some unknown reason, aliens erase a person’s memories of their abduction and experiments using visual images of owls.

“I started seeing owls. When I went to Argentina with someone, we saw a very large owl halfway there. Then I went to eat at a local resident named Las Sowasas. Then my mom gave me a blanket for my bed, similar to owl eyes, it seemed to me that they were very big, like those of aliens… In general, for a whole month, things happened to me that seemed to be connected to all this,” Bianchi recounts.

Also, something inexplicable happened to Bianchi when he shook hands with other people, and it lasted for almost a year. At the moment of the handshake, he felt as if he were being lightly shocked.

According to Bianchi, he eventually told his family and friends that he was probably abducted by aliens, but this is the first time he has shared this story as a senator.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to talk much about it because it’s too critical. It sounds like the words of a madman or as if I smoked something or was incapacitated… But that’s what I experienced. It wasn’t the first time I saw something unusual, but it was the first time it affected me,” Bianchi said.

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