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An American had a dream about strange people, and the next day he captured two fiery UFOs in the sky.

In the American state of New York, in Sullivan County, there is a tiny town called Hortonville with a population of only about 200 people. And recently, it gained nationwide fame due to a UFO incident.

According to a Hortonville resident named Julio Valentine, on the night of February 29, 2024, he had a strange dream: In the dream, three unfamiliar men entered his house, wearing something like headsets with white headphones and a microphone.

These men were talking to Valentine about something (details of the conversation are not provided in the media), and then he heard them also talking to someone outside his house.

As reported by the Sullivan County Democrat newspaper, in the morning Valentine got up and went to work, and nothing unusual happened to him there. But around 6 o’clock in the evening, as he was returning home, driving through rural areas, he saw two “fiery” spheres hovering in the sky not far from the ground near Beachwoods Road.

Valentine quickly grabbed his phone and managed to take one picture before pulling over because he took his hands off the wheel at the moment of shooting. Fortunately, he braked in time, but when he looked back at the sky, the two UFOs had disappeared somewhere inexplicably.

“I was so absorbed in taking the picture that I took my hands off the wheel… They were big and were close. The photo doesn’t properly convey that.”

Valentine says the objects were stationary and appeared “fiery,” most likely because they were reflecting the setting sun. The man is very excited about what he experienced, apparently believing that they were indeed aliens, both in the sky and in his dream.

“I gained an experience. I feel a real sense of wonder trying to understand what these beings were, and I also experienced an emotional impact. I’ve been thinking about it all day and continue to look at this photo.”

According to Valentine, in 2007 he also saw something unusual in the sky. At that time, four planes quickly flew over his head.

“They didn’t make any noise in the sky! And they were flying very slowly, in formation. And then a fifth plane caught up with them.”

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