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Aliens in Broad Haven: Group of Welsh Children Saw UFO and Its Pilot in 1977

It was February 1977, and the students of a small primary school in the town of Broad Haven, Wales, were playing during a break in the schoolyard. One of the boys, named David Davis, decided not to go out onto the playground and instead sat in the classroom reading a book, enjoying the quiet time.

Suddenly, several of his classmates burst into the classroom, talking excitedly about a large UFO flying over the trees near the playground. Davis thought, “This must be nonsense,” and was ready to dismiss it as a prank, but he still went outside.

“I saw this thing emerge from behind the trees in front of me – silvery, cigar-shaped, about 45 feet (14 meters) long. And the only thought in my head was to run away,” recalls David Davis, now 57 years old.

He ran home and told his mother everything, and she immediately believed him:

“You know how mothers are – they always know when you’re lying. And at that moment, she was absolutely convinced that I was telling the truth.”

Sean Harrison, another student at the same school, also witnessed the UFO that day. He’s now over fifty as well. And his parents also immediately believed him.

“I went home and told my mom and dad, and they didn’t doubt me for a second. They believed me right away.”

Some students saw not only the UFO but also its pilot in the cockpit. They described him as wearing a silver suit, with someone else to his right.

Overall, a whole group of schoolchildren in Broad Haven saw something that was difficult to explain with logic. The children were also asked to draw what they saw, and they drew typical “flying saucers.”

Initially, most adults simply dismissed the children’s words, thinking they had conspired to joke around or had experienced some sort of “mass imagination incident.” However, in the following weeks, both UFOs and humanoids were seen by adults as well.

The owner of a local hotel claimed to have seen a “flipped saucer” hovering over a nearby field and two long-legged “unremarkable” humanoid beings coming out of the “saucer” and soon going back into it.

Local farmers also began noticing mysterious moving lights in the fields one after another, and then they saw a giant faceless figure in a silver suit. One farmer even told an incredible story: supposedly, he saw his herd of cows being teleported to another farm.

Several months after the events in Broad Haven, Steven Spielberg’s famous film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was released, and recently Spielberg visited Broad Haven for a documentary series about UFOs called “Encounters,” airing on Netflix. He personally interviewed several students from that school who witnessed the UFO.

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