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Aliens from the crashed ship fled away and the military searched for them, says British veteran paratrooper

Frank Milburn, a former elite British Army paratrooper, revealed that he learned about a top-secret operation to search for extraterrestrials that occurred in the 1980s.

He was told about this by an unnamed MI-6 employee – the British Intelligence Service, whose unit conducted this operation. Milburn deliberately does not disclose the name of this person in order not to endanger his life. In the story, he is presented as “John.”

According to Milburn, in the late 1980s, “John” worked in a secret unit, now known as “E Squadron” (formerly called “The Increment”), which specialized in covert military operations. They recruited the most experienced and reliable soldiers from special forces units, including those who participated in the 1982 Falklands War.

But one of their most challenging missions was to dispatch to the crash site of a mysterious aircraft, which “definitely wasn’t Russian, British, or American,” and crashed in an unnamed area of ​​Great Britain.

It is not specified whether the military shot them down or if it crashed on its own, but about 20-30 special forces soldiers were immediately sent there, indicating that the military learned about the crash very quickly. This supports the version of the intentional downing of the ship, possibly by air defense means.

“He said they were tasked with securing and transporting the ship to northern England. They were brought there by helicopter. They established a perimeter cordon around the crash site, and then approached the ship.

“John” did not describe what this aircraft looked like; he just said it was obvious that it was an “non-human aircraft” and it was obvious that there were passengers who fled the scene on foot—or whatever you want to call it.

He said that after that, they were tasked with tracking down these beings to try to apprehend them,” Milburn recounts.

“Part of his unit was left to guard the ship. They left about six to eight people there who cordoned off the vessel, while the others went searching on foot, on quads, or in jeeps. They also tried to track down these fleeing beings with helicopter support.”

But they couldn’t find anyone, and then some “scientists” and technical specialists arrived on the scene, after which they took over everything, and the military were sent away.

“They were taken away by helicopter, and after that, they knew nothing more.”

Frank Milburn

Milburn says that “John” refused to provide him with additional details of the operation and did not provide any evidence of this wild story. But he trusts his words.

“I believe him 100%. I worked with him on the ‘civilian street’ [post-war work]. He was a true paratrooper. I also spoke with his former SAS (Special Air Service) and paratrooper comrades. We’re talking about a man who bravely fought in the Falklands in some of the toughest battles. He’s not the kind of guy to joke around or talk nonsense.”

“John became like a brother to me. One evening he told me this story because he was tired of keeping it a secret, but he knew he couldn’t tell anyone about it except former special forces,” Milburn says.

Milburn also stated that he decided to come forward with this now to support other UFO case informants and that he is concerned that “excessive secrecy” around this issue hinders scientific progress.

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