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“Aliens are already here”: Biology professor and UFO enthusiast Harry Nolan compared aliens to conquistadors

Immunology professor Harry Nolan from Stanford has stated that aliens have visited Earth and “remain here.” He made these remarks at the conference “Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and Crashed UFOs.” The scientist, known for his interest in ufology, has made sensational statements about extraterrestrials on multiple occasions. According to Nolan, the impact of aliens on Earth is similar to that of Spanish galleons on the Native Americans—they simply cannot comprehend them.

Aliens have “visited Earth” and continue to stay on the planet, believes Dr. Harry Nolan, a biologist, professor, and immunologist at Stanford University in the United States. Nolan made this statement at the thematic conference “Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and Crashed UFOs” in New York.

“The aliens are still here because experts are working on reverse engineering UFOs that have crash-landed,” the scientist’s words were quoted by DM.

Harry Nolan is a professor and immunologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine. His scientific interests include viruses, gene therapy, immune system research, and various diseases. He is the author of over 300 scientific publications.

Ufology is considered a pseudoscience, encompassing the description, analysis, and attempts to interpret phenomena allegedly related to aliens and UFOs. Despite this, according to some media reports, Harry Nolan may have worked for the US Department of Defense, funding research in the field of aerial anomalies (AARO center).

Nolan noted that the likelihood of aliens being on Earth is “100%.” He suggested that people may have seen aliens before, but like American Indians witnessing the Spanish galleons of conquistadors, they couldn’t correctly interpret them.

“They appear and say, ‘Which of you is intelligent enough to understand what you are looking at? Can you see what is in front of you in its true form? Do you see anomalous data spikes?'” said the professor.

Many Russian media outlets presented his statements with headlines emphasizing that Nolan spoke about aliens while holding the status of a Stanford professor, not a ufology researcher—even though the university does not study UFOs.

Media reported that Professor Harry Nolan previously discussed brain injuries in people who witnessed UFO sightings. According to him, MRI scans showed scars on the organ.

He also claimed that there are individuals in the US leadership involved in “reverse engineering crashed aircraft programs.” Nolan emphasized that a small portion of the “knowledge there” could be the basis for a real technical revolution.

Previously, SpaceX founder Elon Musk commented on speculations about the existence of extraterrestrials during an interview on Fox News. Musk emphasized that he knows a lot about space, and if aliens existed, he would surely know about it. “If they were, I would immediately tweet about it,” he added. The entrepreneur suggested that the U.S. authorities could use the “extraterrestrial threat” to increase the defense budget.

“We are constantly trying to increase the defense budget, and if we showed an extraterrestrial, then no one would argue with that. We would say we need money to defend ourselves from these guys. How much money do you want? Take it! They look dangerous. Invasion could happen at any moment,” Elon Musk emphasized.

Earlier, Musk had stated that he did not believe in the existence of aliens. “As far as we know, we are the only intelligent living beings,” noted the billionaire.

On April 20, Politico reported that the Pentagon was studying the increase in UFO incidents but had not found evidence of extraterrestrial existence. Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of AARO (Aerospace Anomaly Research Organization), funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, is currently investigating approximately 650 UFO incidents. In a Senate Armed Services Committee, he stated that many UFO observation cases may remain unexplored due to a lack of reliable data.

Additionally, Kirkpatrick presented footage from two recently declassified UFO observation cases. A video taken in the Middle East in 2022 remains unexplored, while another recording from South Asia, made this year, is awaiting expert evaluation. It is preliminarily assumed that the object was actually a commercial aircraft.

The Pentagon emphasized that evidence of extraterrestrial existence has not been found so far.

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