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“Alien with Tentacles” Spotted in the Sky over California

A bizarre creature resembling a gigantic dark squid or octopus was captured on video (see below) in the sky over Fresno, California.

The creature is not just hovering at altitude, but actively moving in different directions, constantly extending or contracting its “tentacles.”

The spectacle is so surreal, and the object is so unlike a drifting balloon or a drone, that skeptics believe either the video was generated using neural networks or was manipulated using video editing.

Media reports indicate that the video was accidentally captured by a local resident while walking in the area of Shaw Avenue and Marks Avenue.

Commentators are comparing this creature to aliens from the movies “War of the Worlds” and “Arrival,” and one wrote that he sees a similar phenomenon in this area every year:

“I see this every year. And it’s always near Shaw Avenue and Brawley.”

Another was certain that it’s 100% not a balloon:

“It’s too high in the air and changes its shape. If it were a kite, it would have to be quite large, and to lift it to such a height, a plane would be needed. And I don’t understand how it can change direction without any visible effort.”

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