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A woman in Argentina took amazingly clear photos of a UFO

On February 1, 2024, Rina Valle Juárez and her husband were driving along the highway towards the municipality of San Pedro de Colalao, Tucumán province, Argentina, when the woman decided to take some photos of the surroundings.

While taking pictures from the window of the moving car, Rina noticed a strange dark spot in the sky, initially thinking it was a bird, specifically a black thrush.

But as she began to intentionally photograph this object, she concluded that it was not a bird but rather a “flying saucer.”

According to Rina, the UFO was visible in the sky for about three minutes, and then it disappeared somewhere.

The woman didn’t pay much attention to what happened at the time, but later, while examining the photos she had taken, she realized that she had captured the “flying saucer” quite clearly and in detail.

Upon zooming in, it’s even possible to see that the surface of the UFO is not smooth but has some lines.

In an interview with journalists, Rina says she is sure she captured a “ship,” although she doesn’t directly call it an alien spacecraft.

She also notes that when she took the last photo of the UFO, she noticed three more “black dots” in the sky, one of which was square, and two were round.

Argentine media report that the San Pedro de Colalao area has long been known for frequent UFO sightings.


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