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A UFO streaked across the sky over Texas during the eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Two days ago, a rare total solar eclipse was visible over the United States, and many people took to the streets to witness this phenomenon and capture it on video.

The eclipse was best seen from Texas, including the city of Arlington. It was there, during the eclipse, that something large, dark, and elongated suddenly streaked across the sky, resembling either a fast UFO or… a dragon.

At least two videos capturing this phenomenon made it onto the internet, with people heard exclaiming in surprise: “What is that?”, “Something’s flying in the air”, “It’s a monster!”, “What is it?”, “Aliens!”, “Monster!”.

The videos went viral on social media because the swiftly moving object did not resemble a drone, which has been more commonly attributed to UFO sightings in recent decades.

However, skeptics suggest that the dark shadow could have been a regular shadow from a large airplane or helicopter, which was not visible in the sky simply because it was flying at a very high altitude.

One eyewitness claimed to live near an airbase and had seen flying helicopters many times, stating that it definitely wasn’t a helicopter because they don’t move that fast.

It is still unknown whether any civilian or military aircraft or helicopters flew over Arlington at the time of the eclipse, which is quite strange given that it has been two days already. Perhaps it truly was something else.


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