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“A thing turned 180 degrees in about a second”: Airline pilots saw a UFO over Pennsylvania

During a recent night flight from Boston to Pennsylvania, USA, an American Airlines pilot sent a distress message to air traffic control about a mysterious flying object that was “definitely not another aircraft.”

“You’re gonna think I’m crazy,” the pilot began before describing what he was seeing in the sky right now: a mysterious UFO with bright orange lights, which are not used on aircraft.

“Something flew from right to left, back to right, in a flash, and then it blinked lights three or four times. And then it disappeared. And this thing turned 180 degrees in about a second!” the pilot told the controller.

“Oh my God,” was all the controller could respond with.

Shortly after, the second pilot of the same aircraft contacted them and confirmed the first pilot’s account of the strange unidentified flying object.

“It literally flew from one coast to the other in front of us, and then climbed upward about 30 degrees. It was a bright orange thing, and since we talked to you last, it’s flashed past us three or four times.

It seems to be coming towards us. It’s definitely not an aircraft. It doesn’t have strobes or anything like that, just bright orange flashing on and off.”

Journalists reached out to the Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania – where the aircraft was headed – but have not yet received any official comments on the reported UFO.

Recall that earlier, many pilots reported sighting UFOs over Canada and the USA.

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