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A stone statue of a non-human creature with “extraterrestrial eyes” was found in Mexico during canal clearance

On May 16, 2024, a call was made to the 911 service in Acapulco, Mexico, by road workers clearing a drainage canal.

The workers discovered a large stone statue in the mud at the bottom of the canal, depicting a strange creature with a human skull in its hand, and large almond-shaped eyes resembling those of aliens.

Photos of this discovery quickly spread on local social media and became viral, sparking rumors that it was evidence of ancient Aztec contact with extraterrestrial beings.

“Every night, a white giant with burning eyes came to my bed.”
The statue was then transported to the local Institute of Anthropology for study to determine its antiquity and cultural origin.

Several days later, researchers stated that the statue was carved from petrified magma and likely depicted the Feathered Serpent, but they claimed that this artifact “exceeds the pre-Spanish context” and therefore was not created in pre-Spanish times.

Consequently, they argued that the statue “cannot be considered archaeological cultural heritage” as it does not meet the necessary criteria.

This explanation is rather vague, and it is unclear whether there were attempts to date the statue scientifically or if the conclusions of the scientists were based solely on dogmas such as “aliens do not exist, so this item is a forgery.”

However, it is also reported that shortly after the discovery of the statue in the canal, someone claimed that the statue was his property, which he had bought in the city of Tula, Mexico. Tula, incidentally, is the ancient capital of the Toltecs.

It is now believed that the statue ended up in the canal after his house was destroyed during a hurricane. There was also another statue there, which disappeared without a trace.

Based on all this, Mexican journalists concluded that the mysterious find most likely represents a modern imitation of ancient extraterrestrial contact. Indeed, many sculptures mimicking the style of pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica are abundantly produced and sold in tourist shops.

However, such counterfeits are mainly made of plaster, not real stone, so who knows, maybe this was indeed a genuine Toltec artifact. Where this statue is now, the media does not specify, but it is likely that it was returned to the claimed owner.

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