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A Scotsman captured on video a Tic-Tac-shaped UFO

On April 10, 2024, 45-year-old resident of Perth, Scotland, George Townsley, went for his usual walk with his dog Cody in a vacant lot near Woody Island.

It was early in the morning, around 6 o’clock, the sky was clear and cloudless, and there was a calm silence.

Suddenly, George saw a white object in the sky, flying quite rapidly not far above the trees. The object had an oval shape and resembled the popular Tic-Tac candy.

The object didn’t resemble a plane, helicopter, or drone, not just in shape but also because it seemed too large. So George immediately pulled out his phone and managed to capture the UFO on video before it disappeared into the distance (see the video below).

After that, George downloaded an app that identifies which aircraft are in the sky at a specific location in real-time. And it showed that there were no flying objects in that area at the time, leaving George even more puzzled.

“I couldn’t shake off what it was, damn it. It was so bright and looked larger than an airplane. I checked the plane-spotting app, and it turned out that there was nothing flying in this area at the time of the incident.

It was in the sky for more than 3 minutes and seemed to be getting closer; I’ve never seen anything like it. It made no noise, no exhaust. I started filming it, and when I zoomed in, it didn’t look like a plane, helicopter, or drone at all,” George told journalists.

Initially, George posted his video on social media, and then it made its way into the local press. Many commentators immediately wrote that George was lucky to capture that particular type of Tic-Tac-shaped UFO, which had become famous for chasing American military ships for years.

Some even wrote that Townsley had taken the “best-ever shot” of such a UFO. Later, George said that he sent his video to some British ufologists, and they also said it looked like a typical Tic-Tac UFO.

“People told me about military pilots who saw these unusual Tic-Tac-shaped objects in the sky. I’m not sure if I believe in ‘little green men,’ but I really like the idea of aliens and UFOs. However, honestly, I have no idea what it was,” George said.

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