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A New York resident claimed to have seen two women abducted by UFOs

An anonymous eyewitness reported to the American UFO reporting center NUFORC, stating that he and a 10-year-old girl both witnessed two women being abducted by two UFOs.

The incident occurred on May 28, 2024, in the town of Lake George, New York, USA. In the evening, around 8:30 PM, the two witnesses were near the road at 9 Stone Schoolhouse Rd., where two unknown women were walking at the time.

Suddenly, two UFOs in the shape of white cubes appeared from nowhere and somehow sucked in one woman first and then the other. Then they soared into the sky and immediately disappeared.

The eyewitness and the 10-year-old girl, who was walking her dog, saw all this from a distance of about 50 yards (45 meters).

Interestingly, it was the dog who first noticed the UFOs and immediately stared in that direction. Only when the girl and the other eyewitness looked that way did they see the two cube-shaped UFOs. This suggests that the objects were moving completely silently.

The eyewitness also speculates that the abducted women might not have actually been women. He implies that they could have been aliens in disguise, who were perhaps simply taken back aboard the ship after completing some mission.

This version might be true because a journalist checked if any people had recently gone missing in that area and found out that a quick search of the missing persons database did not reveal any disappearances in that area since at least 2020.

The journalist also searched on Google and found no news about police actions in that area or press releases concerning the disappearance of two women there.

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