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A humanoid with a long neck was caught on surveillance camera

A video featuring an unusual humanoid creature was recently posted in the “High Strangeness” community on Reddit.

The video was captured by a surveillance camera on October 20, 2018, on the grounds of an unnamed ranch in an undisclosed location in Idaho, USA, “20 miles away from civilization,” as stated by the video’s author. Something humanoid is seen swiftly walking unevenly through the grass.

“At first, I thought it was a person, but then I saw its long neck, and I [was filled with fear],” the author writes.

The video is traditionally blurry, showing only a moving figure with very strange, almost inhuman proportions of the neck and body, but no details are discernible, including the face.

This post became very popular, gathering over a thousand comments from users sharing their opinions on what it might be. Some believed it to be just camera distortion and that a regular person (namely, a woman in a skirt) was captured on video, while others believed it to be a real monster.

It seems that the creature has a bald head, an unusually elongated neck for a human, and its arms are so thin they resemble those of a skeleton. Because of this, there were also hypotheses that a depleted drug addict in rags might have tried to climb onto the ranch.

Upon slowing down the video, some noticed that the creature seemed to be holding either a small child or a small animal to its chest with one hand. However, if it’s indeed in the wilderness, it would be unlikely for a random homeless person or drug addict to venture there.

Some popular comments include:

“I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking at. Nothing above the waist makes any sense. This is the scariest shit I’ve seen on this subreddit in a while.”

“Dude, this is insane… it looks like a person from the legs up, but the chest looks so weird… I can tell it’s wearing something, whatever it is, maybe a skirt or some kind of dress. Is that private property? Could someone have trespassed there?”

“I’m usually either disappointed or uninterested in anything posted in this subreddit, but as someone who hikes from time to time, this clip somehow shakes me to my core, there’s something almost inhuman and sinister about it.”

“Which part of Idaho is this? I live in Idaho and what the hell. It’s cold out here, and I can’t imagine anyone, even a druggie, running around half-naked and emaciated deep in the night. Though, the rural areas of most of Idaho have always spooked me in their own way. Anything could be lurking out there…”

“A guinea pig man escaping from an underground lab where they test new banned drugs like flakka and such. How many people disappear without a trace every year?”

“He’s skinny, looks tall, walks purposefully, holding his left hand up and the other pressed against his chest, bent at the elbow. As the right leg moves forward, something resembling a tail appears, which could be a dog’s, coyote’s, or raccoon’s, which he holds with his right hand. Can’t tell if it’s dead or alive, but it sways with his steps. He behaves as if the load isn’t heavy since he holds it easily, but it’s quite large. The figure has a long neck and a head that’s almost like a skull, but I can’t make out any details. Something’s off about this thing.”


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