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A high-speed UFO was caught on video by vacationing friends in Argentina

One guy from the company deliberately decided to shoot a video in slow motion to show in detail the trick of how his friend hits the ball with his head.

If he had shot this video at normal speed, they probably wouldn’t have noticed the UFO flying by at all, as it would have flashed by in an instant.

The video quickly spread across the Spanish-speaking part of the Internet. Skeptics immediately speculated that it might not have been a UFO in the frame, but rather a bird flying very quickly.

But if it were a bird, firstly, it should be quite large, the size of an eagle, and secondly, even eagles don’t fly so fast along such a trajectory; at such speeds, they can only dive down when they spot prey.

Believers in UFOs, on the other hand, argue that such high-speed objects actually fly above us constantly, and they very rarely appear in video footage simply because there aren’t that many people who frequently shoot videos outdoors or in nature.


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