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A high-speed UFO that streaked past an airliner was accidentally captured by a passenger (video)

Just a few days ago, an unnamed passenger on a flight from New York to Florida accidentally captured a high-speed UFO streaking past their airliner (watch the video below).

The person seated by the window began recording a video of the city of New York from the plane’s altitude as it took off from the airport runway. It wasn’t immediately clear to them that they had captured a UFO, as it flashed by in a matter of seconds.

Only upon slowing down the video frames did it become evident that a dark object, resembling a typical “flying saucer,” had flown past the plane.

The individual shared their video on social media, and it quickly spread across the Internet, sparking active discussions about what it could be.

For now, only one thing is clear: if it’s indeed real and not a video manipulation or AI-generated content, then it’s definitely not a drone – launching drones to high altitudes in New York and its vicinity is strictly prohibited.

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