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A former Marine says a UFO jellyfish really flew over a US base in Iraq

American Michael Concoski previously served in Iraq with the Marine Corps and also worked as an analyst in US military intelligence. And yesterday, he made a loud statement about a UFO.

Recently, ufologist Jeremy Corbell published a video with a strange UFO resembling a jellyfish, stating that the recording was made in 2018 in Iraq when the object flew over a US military base.

Corbell also reported that the object not only flew over but then went underwater, emerged from there after 17 minutes, and quickly flew away, although Corbell’s video only showed the flight over the base.

Yesterday evening, Concoski stated in an interview with the American channel News Nation that the footage with this UFO jellyfish was actually shot in 2017, not 2018, and provided more accurate coordinates – near Lake Hibernia in the Iraqi province of Anbar.

According to Concoski, in 2018, when he arrived to serve at this very military base, he was shown this footage of the UFO jellyfish and was told that when they noticed it, it did not seem particularly intimidating to them. However, the leadership of their base remained vigilant and ordered tracking of the movement of this strange object to ensure its safety.

“Some Marines were tasked with trying to find it using night vision. They looked for it using other sensors and everything else we had.”

Concoski says that the full-length footage of the UFO jellyfish lasted 17 minutes (Corbell showed only a 2-minute excerpt from it) and was filmed with a camera on a special aerostat, which was in the air above the base to scout potential threats.

At the same time, Concoski claims that at no point in the video he saw did the UFO go underwater or emerge from the water; the camera only captured the object gradually moving away and becoming smaller and smaller, and then it completely disappeared.

After this incident, stories about the UFO jellyfish became so popular on this base as if they were about ghosts. Although soldiers never referred to this object as a jellyfish, instead, they gave it the nickname “noodle monster.”

Soldiers also tried to explain this phenomenon with some logical reasons but could not come up with anything plausible.

Concoski’s statement became another case of disclosure of information about UFOs by former American military personnel. Before Concoski, there were statements from David Fravor, Ryan Graves, David Fravor, and others.

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