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Religious riddles

Near-Death Experience of Mickey Robinson

In 1968, when American Mickey Robinson was only 19 years old, he and four other guys from Ohio who were into skydiving boarded a plane as usual to make another jump.

It was nighttime, and no one ever found out what caused it, but as soon as the plane took off, its engines suddenly failed, and the plane crashed.

Three of the skydivers managed to escape from the wreckage and ran away in shock, while the fourth began to help the pilot and Mickey because a severe fire had started due to a ruptured fuel tank. But Mickey’s leg got stuck in a hole from a broken wing, and within seconds, he was engulfed in flames.

Fortunately, he was eventually pulled out of the wreckage and the fire extinguished, but he suffered severe third-degree burns covering about a third of his body. Doctors in the hospital said there was practically no chance of his survival with such burns.

Days passed, and Mickey’s condition, lying in the intensive care unit, continued to worsen. He lost a lot of weight, ulcers formed on his limbs exposing bones, the back of his feet began to rot, and one arm was so badly injured that doctors were preparing to amputate it.

Mickey recalls experiencing excruciating pain, including from an ulcer that opened in his stomach, leading to internal bleeding. A third of his esophagus was damaged, preventing him from eating or drinking.

“My body fought desperately against death, but it was a losing battle. Each of my complications was enough to kill a man. I was blinded in my right eye. Over time, my body stiffened, and the nerves in both legs gave out. My muscles became flaccid, and my feet curled like dried claws at the edge of the bed.”

Doctors tried to treat him, including calling in experts from university hospitals, but nothing helped, and they eventually simply “left me to die,” as Mickey puts it. And then one day, Mickey’s body temperature began to rise rapidly – he was really feeling very unwell.

“At that moment, I had an experience that changed my life. In an instant, the physical world disappeared, and my inner self emerged from my physical body. I was no longer in the hospital room – I had entered the spiritual realm.

I immediately realized two things: that the spiritual world is a real world, and that there is an absence of sensory perception of time here. And it was amazing! And then I found myself moving somewhere and couldn’t control it.

Suddenly it was as if a door had closed. I was surrounded by great darkness, and then I saw that it was actually a point of separation. And I saw how through the closing space penetrated a beam of the purest white light I had ever seen.

The opening, from which the light came, began to close faster and faster. The significance of this division became clear to me. I knew that if this opening were to close completely, I would be forever cut off from this light.

I experienced deep hopelessness and horror. The separation from it seemed hopeless! External separation is incredible torment. I want you to know that somewhere there is a place set for eternal separation. I was allowed not only to see, but also to feel what it would be like to be in this eternal separation. And I began to cry out to God.”

Mickey wasn’t particularly religious until all this happened, but when he lay in intensive care, he began to pray to God for forgiveness: “God. Forgive! Please, give me another chance!”. And that time, when he was “stuck” in front of the closing entrance with the light, he also began to plead with God with the same words: “God, I want to live! Forgive! Please, give me another chance!”.

And he was heard, and he instantly found himself in what he calls Heaven. And it was an incredible contrast to the place where eternal hopelessness reigned. In Heaven, there was eternal love and comfort everywhere.

“Now I knew that I would never die. I had a deep awareness of eternal life, and I was absolutely certain that I would always be comforted and cared for.”

Then God began to show him events from his life, and it looked as if he was watching them on television. And Mickey watched these events and understood that back then he had made this or that foolish mistake that he shouldn’t have done, but he couldn’t stop or change anything, he could only observe.

In the end, God told him that He was sending him back to Earth. He communicated with him not through language, but as if through consciousness.

“I began to return to the life I came from, and as I settled into my physical body, I felt my spirit penetrating through my flesh. Can you imagine what it’s like to feel the wind rustling the leaves of a tree? Suddenly, I could see with my physical eyes again and hear with my physical ears.”

When he fully returned to his body, his body temperature began to gradually drop, the fever subsided, and for the first time in many days, he was able to sleep normally.

“When I woke up a few hours later, I painfully clung to the sheets because of blood and sweat, but rested in this sea of peace! For the first time in my life, I knew what true peace was.

The doctors had no idea about my experience, so they still expected me to die, but I didn’t! I was still very sick, and in their opinion, I should have died. But days passed, my condition continued to improve, although the nerves in both of my legs were still dead, and the doctors were adamant that I would never walk again.”

The crisis passed, and he began to gradually recover, although he spent another year in the hospital, and then another four years in rehabilitation. He underwent dozens of surgeries, including plastic ones, to restore some human appearance to his face.

And all this time he pondered over what he considered a spiritual experience. He didn’t understand why he was saved and how he was supposed to live with all this now. And then he began to quickly recover from many consequences of the plane crash.

“I began to recover, slowly at first. One leg began to heal, while the other still didn’t listen. The nerve running along the front of my leg was completely dead, it didn’t respond when electrical impulses were applied to it. The muscle was completely flaccid, and the leg hung down – I couldn’t move it. They put a leg brace on me, expecting this condition to be permanent.

Almost a year later, this leg miraculously healed – it was wonderful! Every day, I started talking to my legs, saying, ‘Legs, move forward!’, and although the right leg obeyed, the left one rebelled constantly. It never obeyed my commands.

And then one day, as I was doing this, my left leg sprang out, and I WALKED for real! I took off my leg brace and threw it away, never to touch it again.

After that, I experienced many miraculous healings. About five years after the accident, the vision in my blind eye was restored. Although I had surgery on it, the doctors couldn’t explain such recovery either.

They were convinced that there was no chance, and initially even refused to perform corneal transplant surgery because they felt it would be a waste of cornea that someone else could use. Only through my constant insistence was this surgery performed – and the result was amazing!”

They also slightly stretched his esophagus, and he was able to start eating again like normal people.

“Today, I enjoy life! I play with my kids, I run, I ski, I ride horses. It’s wonderful, considering I never expected to walk again. It’s incredible to lead such a life now. When so much was taken away from you. Because of my burn injuries, I look pretty funny now, but by the grace of God, I still relatively don’t feel ashamed of myself, which is amazing for someone who used to be so vain.”

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