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A child took a toy offering from the temple, and ghosts haunted their home

A family from Thailand visited the local Buddhist temple, Wat Lam Bu Loi, some time ago to pay their respects to the memory of the monk Luang Phor Sanit Yasantaro, who had overseen the temple during his lifetime.

When they returned home from the temple, the father of the family noticed that his young son had brought back a plastic toy resembling the Hulk (a Marvel comic book hero) from the temple, apparently left there as an offering.

In these temples, it is a tradition to bring various items and leave them there as gifts to the gods, hoping it will bring them luck.

The family’s father, named Fonchai, allowed his son to keep the toy, but from that day on, the boy seemed to be surrounded by a wave of misfortune. He started getting sick, one illness after another, and accidents began to befall him – for example, he dislocated his arm.

Then the boy started crying frequently and screaming in fear, “Ghost, ghost!”, as if he saw something that other family members didn’t. Soon, others also noticed a “big dark male figure” in their house, terrifying them. Out of fear, they could not sleep every night.

Eventually, they connected the dots and concluded that the strange occurrences began after the toy from the temple appeared in their home.

A few days ago, they returned to the temple, and Fonchai returned the Hulk figurine to the temple offerings. He also lit incense sticks and began to pray for his family to regain peace and tranquility.

His behavior stood out from that of other temple visitors, so the monks approached him and were very surprised when he told them the story of the ghosts.

“Do not underestimate what we cannot see or believe,” says Fonchai.

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