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The Psychokinesis of Young Ioasia Gajewska or the Polish Poltergeist of the 1980s

There is very little information available about this intriguing case, and virtually all of it is taken from the recently published book “The Elusive Force” in the United Kingdom. The book describes how this story “shook the Polish nation” in the 1980s, and one of the reviewers described it as follows:

“It is, to this day, one of the most well-documented and researched examples of recurring spontaneous psychokinesis, also known as poltergeist activity.”

It all began in Poland in 1983 when 13-year-old Ioasia Gajewska (Gajewska) suddenly became the center of poltergeist activity. This happened a few months after the death of her beloved grandmother, and perhaps this event somehow altered the girl’s psychophysical state.

It all happened on Easter in the Gajewski family’s apartment in the city of Sosnowiec. Suddenly, furniture near the girl began to move on its own, and then glass broke, injuring Ioasia. Then various objects started flying through the air on their own, and strange cracking sounds came from an unknown source nearby.

Then everything quieted down and seemed to return to normal, but a few days later, the situation repeated itself. Once again, objects flew around the apartment on their own, sometimes making sharp turns, and sometimes, instantly disappearing in one place only to appear in another. Sometimes, in front of eyewitnesses, objects passed right through walls!

Soon, the neighbors of the Gajewski family and the entire city learned about the mischief happening in their apartment. This apartment was nicknamed the “haunted apartment,” and onlookers began to visit it specifically to witness the “miracles.” Flying objects were seen by police officers and even city officials.

Strange cracking sounds continued to be heard, and whenever poltergeist activity increased, the family dog ​​would hide in the corner out of fear.

Living normally in such a house was impossible, and after their complaints, the Gajewski family was relocated to the neighboring city of Czeladź. However, the poltergeist followed the family, and it soon became clear that it was specifically targeting Ioasia Gajewska.

It was suggested that the girl emitted some kind of supernatural “fields” that set surrounding objects in motion, in other words, she possessed telekinesis or psychokinesis.

In addition to the poltergeist described above, streams of water appeared on the walls around Ioasia on their own, spontaneous combustion of things occurred, and light bulbs shattered, but their filaments inexplicably did not extinguish for a long time.

These phenomena had a very negative effect on the girl herself. She suffered from a loss of strength and severe headaches after each paranormal activity. She also often felt nauseous, looked sickly, weak, and suffered from loss of appetite.

In the following years, this activity did not subside. Ioasia was examined by doctors and then scientists; she underwent numerous medical examinations, as well as various biophysical, psychological, metallographic, and telepathic tests.

They confirmed that something inexplicable was happening around the girl, and also that there were unclear things happening within Ioasia’s own body.

Ioasia was found to have a low level of dopamine, which is sometimes found in epileptic seizures. But she did not have seizures. Moreover, the study showed “interesting anomalies,” some of which were associated with malfunctions in the thyroid gland, although Ioasia’s thyroid gland was normal.

In one laboratory experiment, it was proven that Ioasia could bend silverware and other metal objects with her “willpower.” She could also move objects at will and fill the room with ultraviolet light and ionized air.

During experiments with Ioasia, an interesting anomaly was also recorded in the form of electronic clock stoppages.

On January 28, 1985, while Ioasia was staying at the Academic Rehabilitation Center in Zakopane, a particularly frightening incident occurred in front of the senior nurse and orderly. Ioasia somehow “illogically” moved a mirror from one room to another, causing it to break. The broken glass formed a streak in the air, which “attacked” the nurse.

This was not the only such incident during her time in Zakopane. Small items from neighboring rooms, including lamps, dishes, cups, keys, and light bulbs from locked cabinets, would move on their own into the girl’s room.

Ioasia was plagued by the poltergeist for a total of seven years, after which it disappeared as inexplicably as it had appeared. There is a theory that the poltergeist appeared when she began puberty and disappeared when she became an adult.

Today, Ioasia Gajewska is not a public figure, and little is known about her. There is information that she got married and safely gave birth to two children. Where she lives now is also unknown.

Her last public statement dates back to 1989 when she expressed a desire to become a professional healer, saying, “Contact with sick people suits me. I want to help them.”

In 1989, a book about the phenomenon of Ioasia Gajewska was published in Poland under the title “New Force.” It was written by Polish journalist Anna Ostrżewska and her husband Marek Rymuszko. The recently published book in the United Kingdom, mentioned at the beginning of the article, is a translation of this very book, done by the British writer Joel Stern.

“The girl was intensively studied in strict laboratory conditions for 40 months by several interdisciplinary groups of specialists, who ruled out any possibility of deception. But they could not determine the exact cause of the strange, often destructive kinetic effects produced by her supernatural abilities,” says Stern.

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