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The new owner of the cursed painting survived two floods and other misfortunes within a month

In August 2023, the British media published the first article about the cursed painting depicting a young girl. Now, this story has continued.

It all started when a British woman, Zoe Elliot-Brown, saw this painting at the Hastings Advice Representation Centre art shop in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

Attached to the painting was a note stating “possibly cursed,” as it had been returned by another buyer who claimed the painting had ruined her life.

When Zoe showed a photo of the painting to her mother, she was captivated and begged Zoe to buy it. They hung the painting in their home, and since then Zoe’s mother fell “under the painting’s influence,” strange occurrences began happening in their home, and their dog started growling at the painting. More details can be read here.

Eventually, Zoe returned the painting to the shop, then took it back again, and then returned it once more. Soon after, the painting was sold for £1,680 to another buyer, James Kislingbury.

According to Kislingbury, his troubles began when he went to pick up the painting. His car suddenly broke down on the road, and during the resulting accident, he also injured his collarbone.

When he brought the painting to his historical building, which is a tourist attraction, a large television suddenly broke, and the Wi-Fi went out. His workers also began noticing strange flickering and a mysterious “figure in black clothing,” after which Kislingbury decided to take the painting back home.

But there, the unpleasant incidents continued. First, Kislingbury’s father-in-law suddenly fell ill, and a perfectly fine toaster in the kitchen exploded. After this, Kislingbury hurriedly returned the painting to the historical building.

The painting continued its “dark deeds.” From November to December, two unexpected floods occurred in the basement of the building. According to Kislingbury, nothing like this had happened there before, only very minor leaks.

“We were lucky that the building is sturdy enough, so the damage wasn’t too serious, but it was a bit unexpected. I know a cynic would say it’s just a coincidence, but given the number of events that continue to occur, I really wonder if there’s something more to the painting than meets the eye,” Kislingbury says.

“After I brought the painting to a new location, we kept it wrapped up in the back of our office for a while. For a couple of weeks, no one knew it was here, but staff began reporting sightings of shadowy figures following them.

One employee even said they continued to hear footsteps behind them, but when they turned around, there was nothing there. And on the day it was put back in its place, our TV exploded, and there were Wi-Fi outages.”

In the end, Kislingbury decided to call a medium, who upon seeing the painting said that the girl in the painting was likely already dead when the artist painted her. And the artist was a spiritualist.

But despite the strange incidents, Mr. Kislingbury has no plans to part with the “cursed” painting anytime soon. He even hung it prominently in the reception area.

“We’re no strangers to unusual things happening in this historic building – we even have our own plague pits in the basement. We plan to keep it and hope it can find a happy home here,” he said.

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