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The ghost of a girl cursed at ghost hunters (video)

The ghost of a girl cursed at ghost hunters (video) Ghost hunters were taken aback by an attempt to communicate with spirits at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel.
A conversation with the apparition of a deceased girl ended with explicit profanity, as reported by the Liverpool Echo. Lee, a 55-year-old man, and his 52-year-old wife, Lincy Steer, who run the “Ghosts of Britain” page on Facebook with over 1.8 million followers, stayed at the Adelphi Hotel on Tuesday, June 22.
Охотники за приведениями - 55-летний муж Ли и жена 52-летняя Линци Стир

This hotel is the most visited in the UK and has a notorious reputation for being home to numerous apparitions, which only attracts tourists even more. Ghosts were most frequently seen in Room 105, where the couple decided to spend the night. After checking in, paranormal experts began investigating the building.

Listening to a recorded audio on a dictaphone, in which they asked questions to the apparitions with short intervals to catch a response inaudible to the human ear, the hunters were shocked by the answer, in which the voice of a child apparition was clearly heard saying, “You bastards!” “We asked if there were any spirits there, but we didn’t really get a response.

But after I asked for their names, we heard an uncensored reply,” commented Lincy.

“We’ve never heard a ghost say something like that to us before, let alone in such a rude manner. Usually, spirits respond with harmless words or remain silent,” added Lee.

Other paranormal phenomena witnessed by Lee and Lincy included doors opening, door handles turning, elevators being called without physical button presses, whistling and scratching sounds, as well as a sudden drop in the temperature in their room by 10 degrees in just a few seconds.

Moreover, in one of the video recordings, the silhouettes of two children flashed by when an attentive viewer pointed it out in the posted video on Facebook.


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