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Because of a quarrel with her friend, a poltergeist moved into the Englishwoman’s house

Due to a quarrel with her friend, Samantha Brick, a 51-year-old British journalist and writer, as well as the head of the production company Sam Brick Entertainment, producing various TV shows, moved into the Englishwoman’s house. Recently, she recounted how something supernatural aggressively intruded into her life, taking residence in her home.

This happened in 2005 when Brick was 34 years old. That year, she got divorced and remained living alone in a large three-story cottage in the Kew Gardens area in west London. One winter evening, she returned home and was sitting in the kitchen, talking on the phone with her father. Suddenly, she heard loud banging from above.

Her two large German Shepherds, which usually were the only source of noise in the house, were peacefully sleeping at her feet this time. There shouldn’t have been anyone else in the house.

“The noise continued as I sat in the kitchen, and now I could distinguish not only the sounds of the blows but also scratching. It wasn’t directly above me, but definitely somewhere higher in my house—was there someone else there?

The sounds were so loud that I asked my father if he could hear them on the phone. He said he couldn’t, but he heard the fear in my voice and persuaded me to go and check it out. Maybe the noise was just because of an open window causing a draft and slamming a door, I reasoned, trying to convince myself,” Samantha Brick recounts.

She put the phone down and went to inspect one room after another. But everywhere she encountered only silence. Finally, she checked the attic, which had been converted into a living space. It was quiet there too, with the door tightly closed.

After that, the poltergeist tormented her for another four weeks. It was later revealed that the quarrel with her friend, which occurred just two days before the noises and scratching began, might have triggered it.

This friend had previously visited her often, and then began to ask to stay overnight in the bedroom in the attic space. Gradually, this became more frequent, and the friend even stopped retrieving her belongings from the bedroom. In fact, it seemed like Samantha now lived with a roommate in her own home.

This lasted for weeks, which turned into months. Samantha Brick politely hinted that she was uncomfortable with this arrangement, but eventually, her patience wore thin, and she bluntly told her friend to vacate her house. The friend, greatly offended, gathered her things and left, and two days later, the poltergeist appeared in the house.

“Now it seemed to me that this little quarrel somehow provoked the appearance of a poltergeist in my home, and it began its horrifying antics.

After that first series of knocks, I hardly slept, if at all. My bedroom was on the second floor, directly below the small bedroom in the attic that my friend used. And when I went to bed that night, the sounds started again and continued all night long.

Too scared to get up and check again, I lay there cuddling my dogs, wishing it would stop until, finally, I fell asleep.”

Samantha didn’t immediately believe in the supernatural. When she didn’t find any open windows or slamming doors, she thought she might have mice or another animal sneaking into her house from the street.

His reaction stopped me from questioning my cleaner, so you can imagine how my blood ran cold when she herself, without warning, asked me who was living in the third-floor bedroom. My heart sank when she told me that last week, upon opening the door, she found a duvet thrown off the bed, crumpled sheets, and books from the bookshelf scattered on the floor.”

Then came the climax when the friend they had fallen out with, the one Samantha had evicted from her home, messaged her asking to meet. Samantha felt uneasy about it, she even burst into tears, then she called her and told her she wouldn’t come to the meeting.

“Immediately after that, the atmosphere in the house changed, though it was the same claustrophobic feeling of an impending storm, as if the ceiling and floor were closing in on me. The temperature dropped, the air became heavy, my ears rang, and I felt like my legs were about to give out. Then the knocking and hissing started again in the attic.”

By that point, Brick still didn’t connect the quarrel with her friend and the appearance of the poltergeist, she simply felt extremely uncomfortable at the thought of seeing this person again. But a few days later, she met another friend and told her everything that had been tormenting her.

Her friend listened silently, without mocking or doubting her words, and said that she needed professional help from a specialist in paranormal phenomena.

“I will forever be grateful to this person for taking me and my seemingly insane story seriously.”

A few days later, a woman came to Samantha’s house, introducing herself as a spiritualist who could sense the presence of the dead and feel “residual energy”.

She inspected the house and told Samantha that there was poltergeist energy present and that it had arisen because of the “residual energy” deliberately or accidentally left by Samantha’s former guest, who was very unhappy about being evicted.

“She told me to get rid of all my friend’s remaining belongings, and then cleanse my home. I looked at the books, the wooden umbrella, and other small decorative items left by my friend, and was told to burn them all in my fireplace. I did so without hesitation.

As I did this, the medium opened all the windows, and then burned sage (for purifying the atmosphere) in every room of the house. Then she whispered an incantation.

To this day, I have no idea what she said, but when she finished, the difference in my house was palpable. I felt calmer, lighter, as if both the house and I could breathe easily again. The entity or malevolent energy had gone.

I’ll never know if my friend intentionally caused this poltergeist in my house, but I took what I saw as positive steps for my own sanity (and safety) by ending our friendship. And I never again issued open-ended invitations to people I barely knew.

Even today, I regularly cleanse the atmosphere in every room of my house, and I have protective crystals next to the front door to ward off negative feelings. It’s been almost two decades, and I’m still very particular about who I allow to cross the threshold of my home. As I know firsthand, no one knows what evil energy they may leave behind.”

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