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Photo of a strange creature in the Hudson River

Recently, something resembling a large snake-like creature floating on the surface of the water was captured in the Hudson River, which flows through the eastern part of New York State, USA.

For many years now, sightings of such a creature in the Hudson River have occurred, and occasionally it has even been photographed. However, journalists or local officials more often than not explain that it was simply a log or a large fish.

In 2018, a moving object measuring 14 feet (4.2 meters) in length was detected with a hydrolocator in the depths of the water. But even then, a logical explanation was found, stating that it was a very rare and old sturgeon.

Sturgeons used to be abundant in the Hudson a hundred years ago, but since then they have become extremely rare, and to come across a sturgeon here, especially one of such size, seems like an incredible stroke of luck. Or perhaps it wasn’t a sturgeon…

In the Hudson River Valley, the strange serpent-like creature is most often observed near the city of Poughkeepsie, which is why the creature has been nicknamed “Kipsy”.

The latest photo of the presumed Kipsy was taken on an early March morning by Joe-Ann Martin, who immediately posted it on his social media page and invited people to share their theories about what it could be.

Many believed that Martin had simply captured a piece of driftwood that happened to look like a serpent-like monster floating on the water. Others joked about “Nessie” deciding to pay a visit or take a vacation in the USA.

Of course, there were also those who believed that something living and large, which is not a sturgeon, does indeed inhabit the Hudson and represents something far more mysterious.

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