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Mysterious roaring bipedal creature (Bigfoot) scares night fishing enthusiasts in southern England

In the sparsely populated hilly region of southern England, adjacent to the coast, lies the South Downs National Park.

In this park, there is a small lake where night fishing enthusiasts like to visit.

And recently, they have been reporting one after another that an unidentified creature has appeared there, causing some of them to abandon their hobby and hastily leave the park.

Two of them shared their stories in a British group about cryptids and paranormal entities on Facebook.

“I suddenly felt an incredible tension, and it was a feeling that I had never experienced before or since. It really felt like someone was watching me, and they weren’t happy with my presence,” says a man named Mike Brown.

Another fisherman, Michael Brindle, recounted sitting on a chair next to his fishing rods and dozing off a bit when he was awakened by a loud roar coming from the other side of the lake.

And when he looked in that direction, he noticed something large running on two legs. And it wasn’t just running, but with inhuman agility, it climbed up a steep slope where “no human could have avoided injury.”

According to Brindle, it’s dangerous to move on that steep slope even in daylight and risk serious injuries, and the creature certainly had no lighting equipment. He was so frightened that he quickly gathered his belongings and left.

None of the fishermen could see the creature in detail, but they are sure that it wasn’t a prankster and it wasn’t some ordinary forest animal either. Its roar truly terrified Brindle:

“My hair stood on end. I hope I never hear that again,” he added.

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