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In Malawi, hysteria over fear of vampires: Six people killed

In the Republic of Malawi (Eastern Africa), an enraged mob has killed at least six people. Bloody clashes began in mid-September when rumors spread that some vampires were killing people and sucking their blood.

Voluntary groups of so-called “vampire hunters” quickly formed in the country, who in fact are ordinary lynching mobs. They attack anyone suspected of vampirism and beat or kill these people.

In the poor village of Malawi

Hysteria over vampires and fear of becoming victims of these “hunters” reached such a point of tension that the United Nations (UN) began hastily evacuating its staff from the country. It is noted that the lynching mobs tried to block the escape routes of UN staff and guarded them on the roads.

The true cause of the vampire hysteria has not yet been clarified. Presumably, rumors of vampire attacks came from neighboring Mozambique and quickly spread among rural residents of Malawi, who believe in ghosts, spirits, and vampires. The Republic of Malawi is located in East Africa and borders Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania.

The hysteria has most affected the areas of Phalombe and Mulanje, where there is a large population of poor rural residents, among whom superstitions, the supernatural, and belief in witchcraft are widespread. In 2002, a similar wave of violence erupted there, associated with rumors of vampires.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika expressed serious concern about the situation.

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