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A mysterious little creature crossing the road was caught on surveillance camera

In the forest near the city of Monterrey, Mexico, a strange little creature was recently captured on surveillance camera crossing a dirt road.

The creature resembles a tiny human wrapped in a cloak and moves as if walking on two legs rather than four, as if it were an animal.

Someone (possibly a technician maintaining these cameras) posted the video on social media, and it quickly became very popular, sparking lively discussion.

It’s hard to tell what it is; it could be just a bird, like an owl, but many believe it to be a duende caught on camera. In Spanish folklore, duendes are something between goblins, house spirits, and dwarves.

They are small magical beings who can be either kind to humans or malicious, depending on human behavior. Sometimes they help lost travelers, protect the forest or dwellings from hostile forces, or simply play harmless pranks on drunks or children.

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