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A large dark floating creature has been captured on the surveillance camera at Loch Ness

The surveillance camera, installed on the shore of Scotland’s Loch Ness, captured an unidentified dark creature floating in the water.

This camera streams live footage online, and one of the observers managed to notice this unusual moment in time.

It is reported that this observer was a big cryptid enthusiast named Eoin O’Fahadhagen, who calls himself a “virtual monster hunter.” Last Wednesday, he decided to watch the live stream from Loch Ness.

“I noticed a hump-like object on the right side of the screen, moving in the middle of the lake,” says Eoin.

He claims that he immediately found it strange that the object obviously did not look like a boat and did not move on the water like any floating device.

Unfortunately, the camera cannot discern anything other than a dark spot, but it can be seen that this spot not only moves on the water but also regularly disappears and reappears. It’s as if it’s some living creature diving underwater and then resurfacing.

“Its movement and appearance seemed strange to me, and I felt excitement,” recalls O’Fahadhagen. “It seems that this figure in the water could be something more mysterious.”

According to this “monster hunter,” the object cannot be a seal because for a seal, this “spot” is too large. The floating object on the camera, considering the surrounding scale, was over 3 meters in length.

Such large seals have never been observed here, especially considering that approximately three meters is only the estimated visible part of the object, but it is unknown what part of its body was hidden in the water.

Seals in Loch Ness are the largest living creatures, and they swim here from the ocean quite rarely. No one larger than them has been registered here. Except for Nessie, of course.

The mysterious living creature nicknamed Nessie, supposedly inhabiting this lake, has been intriguing the world for decades, but legends about it have been circulating since the Middle Ages. According to eyewitness reports, the creature has a long neck, a horse-like head, a thick tail, and four large flippers instead of legs.

Overall, it greatly resembles ancient marine reptiles that lived in the time of dinosaurs. For example, an Elasmosaurus, as seen in the video below.

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