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When the baby’s body was sprinkled with holy water before the funeral, the infant suddenly stirred

Recently in Paraguay (South America), there occurred what many have called a true miracle of resurrection. A newborn baby girl, showing no signs of life, was declared dead by doctors and immediately handed over to the family for burial.

However, when the baby’s body was sprinkled with holy water before the funeral, the infant suddenly stirred!

This happened last Friday when a young woman at 32 weeks of pregnancy was urgently brought to the Ciudad del Este regional hospital due to breathing problems.

While providing assistance, doctors suspected that due to prolonged oxygen deprivation, the baby in the womb might perish, and that the mother needed an emergency cesarean section to give the child a chance at life, albeit premature.

The operation was successful, but the delivered girl wasn’t breathing, moving, or showing any pulse.

It’s unclear whether doctors performed any resuscitation efforts, but the child was soon declared dead and her body was handed to the father – Ignacio Medina Vega. He immediately informed the entire family of the sad news, and they decided to bury the baby on the same day.

A small white coffin was quickly purchased, into which Vega placed his daughter’s lifeless body. Later, it was revealed that the girl’s body had lain in the coffin for at least four hours, tightly sealed with a lid.

When everything was ready for the funeral, the coffin lid was temporarily removed for the invited priest to sprinkle holy water on the girl’s body. And almost immediately after this, her uncle approached the coffin to bid farewell. Suddenly, he noticed that the “dead” girl’s head moved!

Upon closer inspection, he realized it wasn’t his imagination; the baby was breathing, and her tiny heart was beating in her chest. He called the entire family to witness this miracle, and then the “resurrected” girl was taken back to the Ciudad del Este hospital.

There, doctors placed the baby in an incubator in the intensive care unit, where the girl, weighing only 600 grams, remains to this day, still defying death.

“When the doctor touched her, she cried. The doctors told us it was a real miracle. The most serious thing is that we, it turns out, could have buried her alive,” said the baby’s father.

According to local media reports, in honor of this miraculous resurrection, the girl’s parents want to name her Milagros de Jesus (“Miracle of Jesus”).

Doctors currently offer a “guarded prognosis” for her condition and are trying to understand under what circumstances this child was declared dead and whether all the standard procedures were carried out for her case.

A representative of the hospital, Federico Schrödel, told journalists that they do not rule out the possibility of catalepsy – a condition characterized by the absence of reaction to external stimuli, loss of consciousness, and immobility of the body.

“Due to her prematurity, it could have happened that she remained practically without any signs of life,” he added.

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