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The witch doctor summoned bees to find the thief, and they discovered the culprit by swarming around his hands

Another example of so-called “bee magic” was demonstrated by an African witch doctor who, with the help of a swarm of bees, located and delivered a motorcycle thief to the police.

The strange incident occurred last week in the Koboko district of Uganda. When someone stole a motorcycle, instead of going to the police, the owner of the motorcycle complained to the local witch doctor.

The witch doctor uttered an incantation, and soon after, the crowd witnessed a swarm of bees attacking a man and enveloping his hands, creating makeshift “handcuffs.”

According to eyewitnesses, the bees seemed to appear out of nowhere. People immediately began recording it on video, and the victim of the bees understood everything and obediently went to the police station.

There, the police somehow learned that this man was a motorcycle thief and that the witch doctor was involved in his capture. They arrested the “victim,” and although they were not thrilled with the “supernatural justice,” they expressed gratitude to the witch doctor for quickly solving the case without resorting to violence.

When the criminal confessed his guilt, the witch doctor freed him from the “bee curse” using another set of strange incantations and rituals.

This is not the first example of incredible “bee magic” that African witch doctors are capable of. No one knows how they manage to control bee swarms, making them find specific individuals and, without harming them, envelop certain parts of their bodies.

In October 2023, a similar ritual by a witch doctor helped locate and bring two thieves to the police in Kenya.

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