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The cannibal from Las Vegas was possessed by the spirit of his victim

A horrific incident involving a cannibalistic killer claiming possession by a “being” unfolded in Las Vegas, USA, on April 28, 2024.

It all began late in the evening in a parking lot near a 7-Eleven store, where two men got into a fight – Colin Czech, a homeless man, and Kenneth Brown, who had just exited the store.

What exactly sparked the altercation remains unknown, but Czech quickly beat Brown to death, then knelt over his body, leaned in toward his face, and … began to eat the flesh of his fallen adversary.

This gruesome act was noticed by a store employee, who immediately called 911 Emergency Services. With horror in his voice, he described seeing one man sitting on another, seemingly consuming his face.

“I think he just went after him. I tried talking to him, but he’s not responding. Right now, he’s on all fours like a dog, about to burst into the store. I need someone to come get him right now.”

When the police arrived at the scene, Czech stared at them blankly and said nothing. He was taken to the hospital because he had lost consciousness, then regained it, only to lose it again.

During interrogation, he confessed to consuming at least part of the victim’s ear and one eye. The police also determined that the accused killed the victim by repeatedly striking his head against concrete.

Czech then claimed that he hadn’t slept for five nights straight and that something had “possessed” him. He said that when he attacked Brown, he believed he was fighting a werewolf.

Currently, a procedure is being prepared to determine whether Czech is mentally impaired or fully competent. Based on this determination, the authorities will decide whether to incarcerate him or send him to a psychiatric facility.

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