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Sholomancha – the legendary underground school of dark wizards in Romania

Sholomancha (also known as Sholomans or Sxolomans) is a mysterious school of black magic, situated in underground caves somewhere in the mountains of Romania, as far away from light and people as possible.

The most famous name associated with this place is the legendary Vlad the Impaler – Dracula. It is well known that the writer Bram Stoker, before composing his “Dracula,” thoroughly studied all Romanian myths and legends about vampires, including the story of Sholomancha.

Dracula supposedly studied dark arts at this magical school, and rumors circulated about him being a powerful sorcerer. Most of these rumors surfaced after his death, but they hold some truth.

According to folklore, this school of dark wizards was ruled by the Devil himself, and only the ten strongest and most devoted students to the Devil were selected from around the world for study. They were taught the secrets of nature, magical spells, the “language of animals,” as well as the ability to have power over lesser animals and control the minds of animals and weak-minded people.

Upon completion of their studies, nine students returned to their homeland, while the tenth became the Weather Master, with the ability to create various weather phenomena and control the weather overall. He became cursed forever, but in return, he was entitled to a personal dragon on which he flew through the sky.

This dragon, named Balaaur (or Zmeu), was kept in a high-altitude lake near the school, and it was not lifted into the air unless absolutely necessary.

Sholomancha was not only carefully hidden underground from prying eyes, but it was also concealed with spells, making it completely inaccessible to the human eye, even if one were to be near its gates.

Throughout the entire course of their education, students were prohibited from going out into the sunlight and generally interacting with the outside world. Moreover, often among them were children – it was believed that education should begin from the earliest years.

Upon careful examination of all the legends about Sholomancha, it becomes clear that it is not entirely a school of the Devil, but rather a teaching similar to medieval mysticism. It is also possible that the basis for the legends of Sholomancha was a real secret refuge for witches and wizards, escaping from the stakes of the Inquisition and wishing to pass on their knowledge to a new generation.

Another theory suggests that the school was associated with the great King Solomon (hence its name), who had the gift of commanding demons from Hell. Once, he even forced demons to build a temple in Jerusalem. To do this, he took mental control of the strongest demon and then began to command the others through him.

Accordingly, the magic taught at Sholomancha was the same Jewish magic through which Jews, including, created their Golems. This magic is better known as Kabbalah.


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