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In Moldova, a man who was buried alive lay in a grave for 4 days before his cries were heard (video)

Last weekend in the Moldovan village of Ustia (Ustye), Glodeni district, a young man attacked a 74-year-old woman and a 62-year-old man with a knife.

Presumably, all of this occurred during active alcohol consumption involving all three individuals in the elderly woman’s home. The names of the victims are not disclosed in the press, and their faces are also hidden in photos and videos.

The old woman died immediately, and the man was severely injured but still alive. However, the killer was unaware of this. He dragged the old man’s body to a vacant lot near his house and buried it in the ground at the site of an old makeshift grave. Apparently, he thought he had successfully disposed of the corpse.

On Monday, relatives of the murdered woman came to visit her and found her dead. The police were called, and they immediately began active investigative actions.

Police began questioning neighbors on Wednesday and quickly identified a suspect because he gave “inconsistent” statements.

On Wednesday, police inspected the area near the house of the detained 18-year-old boy, and one of them heard muffled human cries coming as if from underground.

They began to dig and soon discovered the elderly man with a wound on his neck. He was conscious when they pulled him out and immediately told the police what had happened to him and who had attacked them.

The miraculously surviving man is now in the hospital, and the detained boy confessed to the charges of murder and attempted murder brought against him.

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