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In Iran, it rained fish, and quite large ones at that!

During a heavy downpour in the Iranian city of Yasuj today, fish began falling from the sky. And they were quite sizable!

In a video posted online (see below), you can see fish falling from the sky, slapping onto the asphalt near cars. The person filming even picked up one of the fish to show its size.

Interestingly, the fish didn’t appear to be damaged, which would be expected if they fell from a great height. Either the cloud with the fish was very low, or there’s some sort of “magic” at play here.

Usually, the most logical explanation in such cases is that a waterspout sucked up fish from a nearby body of water and then deposited them nearby. But nobody saw a waterspout, although there was indeed strong wind. But is wind alone, even if it’s quite strong, enough to transport a bunch of large fish through the air?

By the way, fish also fell from the sky in Iran in 2018, also in early May. However, the fish were much smaller then. But just like in this case, nobody saw a waterspout that time either.



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