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In Dubai airport, a wizard with a suitcase of magical items has been detained

Customs inspectors in Dubai (the largest city in the United Arab Emirates) seized strange items, including a live snake, a dried monkey’s hand, and spell lists from the suitcase of an unnamed African at Dubai International Airport.

It is reported that all the contents of his suitcase were diverse paraphernalia used for sorcery.

A customs representative told the news portal “Emarat Al Youm” that “thanks to his experience and cunning,” one of the customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport immediately suspected that something was amiss with a passenger arriving from an unnamed African country. Subsequently, he subjected him and his luggage to manual inspection.

During this inspection, a live snake was found in one of the bags, carefully wrapped and hidden under a pile of other items. Following this, the search continued with even greater diligence, and in the suitcase, a monkey’s hand, a dead bird, eggs wrapped in pieces of cotton, as well as other items used in sorcery such as spells, talismans, and pieces of paper with inscriptions were found.

All the confiscated materials were handed over to the Competent Authority (the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai) for examination, and subsequently, the Department confirmed that these were indeed items used for sorcery.

A representative of the Department emphasized that sorcery and sorcery operations “are a dangerous calamity that threatens the safety of society, manipulating people’s minds and exploiting their needs for fraudulent operations,” and that Dubai Customs is closely monitoring attempts to smuggle sorcery materials “to reduce this calamity and protect society.”

“Dubai Customs realizes the seriousness of these materials used in magical acts, sorcery, and manipulation of people’s minds, as the department conducts various trainings to familiarize inspectors with these materials, their varieties, and different forms, especially since smugglers often resort to new innovative methods of transportation to deceive customs authorities,” says Khalid Ahmed, senior manager of the terminal 1 passenger transport department.

He also said that this is not the first attempt to smuggle sorcery items into the country and that there have been several such incidents in previous years. All magical paraphernalia were confiscated from the offending passengers.

In particular, he mentioned that scraps of paper of various sizes, talismans, metal sheets, rosaries, animal skins, books on magic, bags with fish bones, dolls of “intimidating forms,” containers with blood and liquid substances, images of animals, threads, briquettes, and rings, mollusks, plant leaves and powders, rolls of cotton, which are used for magic, needles used for spells, as well as threads and dark fabrics were confiscated.

As for the detained wizard, he now faces a fine of around $13,000 and imprisonment if found guilty of practicing sorcery.

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