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“I was all lit up”: Woman miraculously survives lightning strike

Angie Layton, 45, from Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, was at home in the evening of March 28, 2024, preparing dinner in her kitchen.

At some point, she touched the mixer with one hand while holding a metal colander in the other, and suddenly there was a powerful explosion.

“It literally felt like my entire kitchen just lit up and passed right through me. My girls were in the living room, and they said they looked into the kitchen and my whole body was glowing. It was really scary.”

It is believed to have been a lightning strike, and Layton felt at that moment as if she had “hit a wall at 100 miles per hour.”

“It felt like a real strong jolt, a huge shock. And then my whole body tingled for 3-4 hours afterward. Like every nerve in my body just went crazy.

“The paramedics checked me over, and they said they’ll be telling others about this because they’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Paramedics performed an ECG on her and found that her heart was fine. Then they said that as long as Layton felt okay, they wouldn’t take her to the hospital. And she felt pretty much “fine” herself. Except that her head hurt badly all night.

Her daughters, aged 19 and 23, said they saw their mom standing in the kitchen “in complete shock” and that her body seemed to be glowing.

The lightning strike that hit Layton went through her house, entering the antenna “dish” on the roof, and then causing a fire in the kitchen. Then the lightning somehow (possibly through wires) “jumped” to the neighbor’s house, where another fire occurred. Fortunately, both houses were not heavily damaged.

“My whole body hurt, it felt like I had been through a major workout. Every muscle and bone in my body ached.”

“It feels like someone was watching over me then,” Layton says, speculating that a guardian angel protected her from more dire consequences.

Afterward, Layton bought a lottery ticket, thinking her luck might not have run out yet.

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