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A former CIA psychic correctly identified the location where the remains of the missing boy were found

On July 8, 2023, in the tiny Alpine village of Le Verne, France, two-year-old Emil Soleil disappeared without a trace, whom his parents brought to spend the summer with his grandfather.

The police searched all the surroundings, but the child was never found alive or dead. In the village of Le Verne, where only 25 people live, the police questioned all of them, but the last time he was seen was simply walking along the only street in the village, and no one knew what happened to the boy afterward.

But on March 30, 2024, the bones of the boy were found in a small field between the church and another church building, just a kilometer from his grandfather’s house, where he disappeared.

Today, a statement by 74-year-old Ed Deems, who previously worked as a psychic for the CIA in a secret program, was published in the British tabloid The Sun. Deems reported that back in December 2023, he sent letters to the French police indicating the location of Emil’s remains.

Deems showed the emails he sent, in which he wrote that Emil’s remains “are located in the field or nearby,” and the location he specified is right next to where Emil’s skeleton was found.

The upper red dot is Emil’s grandfather’s house, from which he left, and the lower red dot is where the boy’s remains were found.

However, the police apparently ignored his letters, as the child’s bones were accidentally found by an unspecified person passing by the field. It is reported that the police thoroughly searched this area last summer, including with dogs, and that local residents often walk along the trail past the field, and lumberjacks worked here in the fall, but no one saw these bones. So there is a high probability that the child’s bones were planted there later.

Deems explains that he determined the correct location using the so-called “remote viewing” – a method that, during the Cold War, was supposedly used by both Americans and Russian psychics working for the government to obtain data on the enemy’s secret military objects.

“It took me only two days. I knew it was a serious matter and had high urgency,” Deems says.

In past decades, Deems, holding the rank of major, worked in a special unit of extrasensory reconnaissance at the CIA, a now defunct project. Incidentally, a comedy film called “The Men Who Stare at Goats” was released in 2009 about the work of this unit.

Genetic analysis confirmed that the found bones indeed belong to the missing Emil. And no one believes that the child could have run away in that direction and died accidentally. It is assumed that someone abducted him and probably killed him.

Incidentally, for such a tiny village, there have been too many violent deaths in recent years. In 2008, the owner of a café was killed. In 2015, very close to Le Verne, an Airbus A320 crashed, killing 150 people. And now, it is unknown who killed the child. Local residents have already begun to say that their village has been cursed.

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