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How to befriend the household spirit so that it doesn’t become a poltergeist

In every house, there is a household spirit. It maintains the balance of energies, ensures prosperity, and even fulfills wishes.

The household spirit protects and guards the house, but sometimes it may refuse to help. There can be various reasons, but they all stem from somehow offending the spirit. If you manage to establish a connection with it and befriend it, it will assist you in daily matters, provide guidance on making money, finding love, and fulfilling wishes. Experts will explain how to befriend the household spirit and ask for happiness, prosperity, and the realization of dreams for yourself and your loved ones.

How to appease the household spirit

Before asking the household spirit for help, it should be pleased or appeased. It is believed that the spirit likes unusual and shiny things, coins, bright decorations, and small trinkets. These items should be collected in a bag and hidden somewhere in the kitchen. Why specifically there? Because our ancestors believed that the household spirit resides in the kitchen near the stove. In modern apartments and houses, the stove has been replaced by a stove or an oven, so you should find a cozy place near the stove where you can place gifts for the household spirit. A kitchen cabinet will suffice.

You can earn the special favor of the household spirit with money. The house spirit is a very utilitarian creature that won’t do anything “for free.” To befriend it and not lose its support, pay a monthly salary to the invisible helper—put a few coins on the table and leave a treat there as well. If your month went well and your wishes were fulfilled, feel free to pay bonuses—it has earned them. Most importantly, inform the household spirit that you have left a little gift for it, address it with respect as “Master-Father,” and always express gratitude for the assistance provided.

How to Ask the Household Spirit for Help

There is a simple way that can help fulfill your wishes. If you want to enlist the household spirit’s services and ask for help in love, money, or anything else, you can perform a special ritual.

Important: The household spirit serves the home, so the wishes should be related to the house and family.

The ritual should be conducted only during the waxing moon. While the moon is waning, prepare for it: clean the house, organize all closets and shelves, discard unnecessary items. Remember: every item in the house should have its own place. The household spirit dislikes disorder and won’t help those who scatter things around.

When the moon is waxing, you can perform the ritual. Choose any convenient day and wait until midnight. Take a piece of bread and a cup of milk. Divide everything equally: break the bread into two equal parts, and pour the milk into a separate cup. Place the offerings in front of you and say:

“Master-Father, I invite you to the table to talk, discuss problems, and ask for your help. Help me (state your wish or request). I share the milk and bread equally, and I ask you to share life’s difficulties with me.”

Repeat this incantation five times. Afterward, eat your half at the table, and leave what belongs to the household spirit on the table or take it to the place where you usually leave its salary and treats. In the morning, give the food to the birds.

The household spirit appreciates communication, so interact with the invisible helper as often as possible: share your problems, express gratitude, greet and say goodbye. Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice. If you manage to befriend the household spirit, it will undoubtedly assist you in everything.

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